Fantasy Football Sit/Start Advice Week 1: Which Jets To Play

"My mustache, Pauly, and I agree that this Scott guy sure knows what he's talking about for fantasy football," said Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid to nobody in particular.

So, week one is upon us. Our first game is against the Buffalo Bills. They have a solid defensive line, an average linebacking corps, and a strengthening secondary that is known to get a turnover or two. On offense, they have a streaky quarterback, one serious threat at receiver, and and very good running back. Their offensive line is nothing to write home about. Here's some fantasy football advice coming from a guy who once came in fifth in a sixteen person league (although if it wasn't for Matt Schaub, I'd have come in second... jerk).


  • NYJ DEF - I would argue that there is no defense in the league as perfectly equipped to stop their offense before it gets going. The Bills like spreading the field out, which plays into our coverage ability. Fred Jackson, as good as he, isn't likely to get going as he runs into Kenrick Ellis, Bart Scott, and David Harris. Their offense was high-flying last year, and they were 5-2, when we crushed them as Rex Ryan threw the kitchen sink at Ryan Fitzpatrick, who isn't great against complex defenses.
  • WR Santonio Holmes - I expect Holmes to get a lot of touches this week. With Dustin Keller returning from a hamstring injury, and Stephen Hill still raw, Holmes with be the aerial focal point this week. Especially if he ends up going against rookie Stephon Gilmore, look for the Jets to try and abuse that mismatch.
  • QB Tim Tebow - Make no mistake about it. This week, Rex needs to show that he's been hiding the Wildcat for good reason. I wouldn't be surprised to see Tebow get 15 touches this week, and if there's anything the Jets have been good at against the Bill's defense, it's running the ball. Tebow should come out with a vengeance. Just don't expect him to get very many, if any, passing yards. Although maybe a fake field goal for a touchdown is a possibility. If you can fit him in a flex position, take it.


  • RB Shonn Greene - You all know I love me some Shonn Greene. But this week he'll be rushing into the teeth of the Bill's newfound defensive line. They have Mario Williams, Kyle Williams, Marcel Dareus, and Mark Anderson. It's a good line, and I wouldn't expect Greene to have a huge amount of success against them this week.
  • WR Stephen Hill - Hill is still as raw as you get. He may bust open a big play or two over the top, but I wouldn't count on it. In the beginning at least, he'll be counted on to block and to try to blow the top off of the defense more as a decoy. I'd sit him for now until we see what he has.
What do you all think? Who is a must start? Who should ride the pine for the week?

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