Haven't posted here for a while. A lot of its due to me not being a fan of writing. Maybe I'm just a homer, but I feel good about the Jets chances Sunday. Gonna need for some things to go right, but they are not out of the realms of possibility. Here are the reason why I think the Jets can win, and reason they can or will lose after the jump.

Run Defense

Gore is a beast, however, his running style is not the jets Kryptonite. The Jets have problems with fast elusive backs ie Spiller, Bush, etc. Against Fred Jackson. Carolina backs (third preseason game), and Pittsburgh backs, the defense was stout against the run. Not saying the Jets are going to stop Gore, but I can foresee them controlling him better then they did with Bush.

4-3 Fronts

Enough with 3-4 fronts; the Jets LBs are too slow to play a 3-4 defensive front. 4-3 fronts take the emphasis off the LBs to stop the run while also taking one of the turtles off the fields. This front should also present more of a decent pass rush (I hope). I feel good of a starting front four of Couple, Wilkerson, Pouha, and Ellis, with Pouha and Ellis controlling the middle. Give the young guns a shot, I'm so done with watching Pace and Thomas generate no pressure.


I guess I'm one of those Sanchez apologist people on this site be complaining about. This kid always show me enough to keep in the back of my mind that he's gonna turn the corner. Not that I would bet my house on him doing it, but I think he has played better then his numbers have shown. I know people would like the Jets to establish the run more, but its hard with your starting tailback averaging 2.3 yards a carry. Really!! While I do think he played like crap against the fish, I also notice his pocket presence was almost flawless, except when he fumbled the shotgun snap. It would be nice if his receivers would get him some YAC and his coaches would let Tebow finish his drives or series when he's stop for a lost. Hard to get in a rhythm when you leave the field on 2nd and 5 and then return when its 3rd and 12. Oops there I go making excuses again.

Dustin Keller is back.

Not much to add here, but I feel Keller would make the game more easier for Sanchez. Also wouldn't be surprise he had a couple of drops too.

Put the game in Alex Smith hands

I haven't watch Smith play this season, but I saw a few games last season. He struggles against aggressive defenses. I think he lost the NFC chip because he couldn't make plays for or to his WRs. I also saw the Thursday night game against the Ravens,and while I believe he did make a late TD taken away by penalty, he did struggle that game too. So this goes back to my first reason for a Jet victory, STOP GORE!!!, force Smith to make plays.

Home field

Ok I'm not so confident in this one. It's only because we as a fan base are known for being pretty quiet during games. I say this as a person who don't go to games and never been to a Jet game. Had chances, but I just rather watch the games on TV. So I'm only going on reputation. However, if the stadium crowd can get loud, this would be a great uplift to the defense. I remember in Rex's first season he campaigned for the crowd to get loud against the Pats. This was fat Rex whom at the time was beloved by most of the Jets fan base. I don't think skinny Rex gets the same love.

Here are reasons I think the Jets might lose Sunday.

Running Game

I mention earlier that Shonn Greene running average is putrid to say the least. You see I'm not a stat guy and my eye test says he's not an every down back. unfortunately, this coaching staff let scrubs play whole season before they feel a change needs to be made. I'm not calling Greene a scrub, but he shouldn't be starting because his lateral movement is horrendous. They could force feed the run and play a field position game. However, I feel this strategy would eventually tire out the defense.

Vernon Davis

Actually looking forward to his match-up with Dirty 30, with some apprehension. As I said earlier, Smith has to prove he can make plays to his WRs. Davis is a beast and I would double him with LB and safety help all game. I have confidence that Cro and Wilson will do ok with their WRs.


Rex has yet to prove he can make solid in game decisions. Also, he has to let the offense open up and stop playing not to lose. I believe he will have his players ready to play, but I have no confidence in his ability to make crucial decisions.


Maybe I should had put this under coaching, but Rex's teams have had a history of playing not to lose against physical teams. Also by my count the Jets are 0-3 when they play defensive struggles in the fat Rex era. These are games when the defense played lights out, but had no help form the offense. What's sad is all these games were at home. The three that come to mind is the game against the Falcons in 2009, the final score was 10-7 with the Falcons winning in the last minute. 10-9 to the Ravens, and 9-0 to the Packers. Much as I love defensive games, I won't feel good unless the offense is putting some points on the score board. Lets go Skinny Rex, show you can change more then your body weight.

I really feel good about this one. I agree the Niners defense is the best in the league, but I'm not ready to crown them yet. I'm also feel the Jets aren't gonna lay down and be a victim Sunday. Also think they will come out fired up because of the Revis injury. Would it be enough? we'll see. No wildcat unless they are willing to throw out of it at least once. Would had liked to added a poll, but it don't seem as simple as it use to be. Any Help?

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