Time for a switcharoo at RB?

Hey guys.

Like most of you, I'm still grimacing over yesterday's win. Yes, I love (and I mean LOVE) beating the Dolphins, but that is a team the Jets are head and shoulders more talented than, and they almost gave the game away. Almost. Still, a win is a win is a win, and at the very least, it opened my eyes to a lot of things. Many of them negative, some positive, but the one issue that has me most concerned is the running back position.

After 2009 I was as high on Shonn Greene as anybody else. The dude absolutely killed it for us in the playoffs that year and nearly every expert was predicting him to have a huge season in 2010. Did that huge season pan out? No, but I blamed that on the fact that LT was with the team and could still produce, and the Jets weren't ready to give Shonn so many carries so early in his career.

2011 was the first time we saw Shonn Greene as our "bell-cow", and while his season was disappointing, many people (myself included) blamed it on the fact that our offensive line took a huge step back.

We are now three games in to the 2012 season, and this much is clear: Shonn Greene either needs to somehow improve his game vision quickly, or we need to start Bilal Powell.

Why is this so concerning? Because we are a run first team that cant run the ball. I understand Miami has a solid run defense. Good for you. I don't care. If the Jets want to establish themselves as a physical force on the ground they have to be able to rely on their running back to read the right holes and, when the time is right, make people miss. Too often have I seen Shonn Greene run straight into the backs of his blockers and fall down, or rather try to initiate contact when he could easily cut around a defender. It's annoying. Look at what the Dolphins RB's were doing yesterday; when their first read was not open, they cut it back for yards. When was the last time you saw Shonn do that?

I know one thing; when they handed the ball off to Powell, he made people miss, and he always gained at least four yards. I'm not saying all of Shonn's failures rest solely on him, because the line isn't as dominant as it once was, but damn man, if we can barely edge out a yard or two on every run, nobody is going to give us any respect, and our offense will resemble the mess it was last year.

I'm saying at this point, Shonn needs to be on a short leash. If our run game is as stagnant as it was yesterday, start feeding Powell and see what happens. I'm tired of watching a supposedly run first team fail to convert on short yardage situations.

Of course, any thoughts/feedback is appreciated. I just feel like this is something that needs to be taken care of, and soon, if the Jets want to have any sort of success this year.

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