My Top 2 Beefs/Thoughts with our Sexy Rexy, Defense, and Offense

Ok I’m new at this so please forgive me. I don’t know exactly which direction this is going to take me, but I need to get my thoughts out there to some similarly minded individuals to see if I am going insane, or if it’s just the Same Old Jets

Full disclosure: In my opinion - Rex has been the 2nd best (if not the best) Coach during my lifetime as a Jets Fan (29 years old). Parcells is a future Hall of Famer, so he has to be up there at #1. In all truth, I’m thankful for the bravado and fire he brings to our team….but I have some issues(concerns?) with him after this Pittsburgh game.

Here are my top 2 Beefs with the now Sexy Rexy:

1 – All week I was reading about how we expected Rex to come out with some exotic blitz schemes to make up for our lack of depth at CB. We all know that Ben elongates plays, so the best thing we could do would be to force the ball out of his hands…..and we didn’t. When we did we had some success (we would have had more if we could tackle…but I’ll get to that later) but I feel as though we tried to play them straight up most of the game and were simply out played. Revis obviously covers up a lot of our weaknesses on D, so if he is unable to play we need to get creative and not just expect our 11 to beat their 11. Every time we play that proud we get beat. That Hail Mary-esque pass to Wallace over Cromartie is a perfect example of that…..pathetic.

2 – I don’t care what the announcers say, but when there is about a minute left on the clock and we have the ball at our own 31 with two time outs, we need to try to make something happen. I don’t care if we’re getting the ball at the start of the 2nd half, a CONTENDING team should be able to drive the ball

60-70 yards to get into field goal range in 60+ seconds. Or at least try to get some momentum going into the 2nd half after a rough 2nd quarter. This drives me absolutely crazy.


1 – Can we buy a tackle? I get that with the new bargaining agreement we have less physical practices but….WOW. I came into this year expecting our defense to compete with our 2009 squad. Our D line was looking strong and competent. Our Linebacker unit was looking faster than ever, and what is there to say about our new Safety’s? They’re monsters. But my mancrush Dirty-30 has a free shot at Ben and completely misses? We have to get back to basics and learn how to wrap people up or its going to be a long @$$ year.

2 – CAN WE STOP SOMEONE ON 3rd DOWN PLEASE? It’s almost become a joke at my house. The Jets have their opponent 3rd and 20 and I just KNOW the other team is going to somehow make a first down. 3rd and 3? We got this, 3rd and 30? We’re completely inept…..Rex and Pettine need to take a look at our third and long the last two years and do a complete 180 on their play calling. It’s driving me insane. Can someone please give me some insight??


1 – Yesterday was the first time I thought Schotty was back calling plays and threw up a little bit. I feel like we got away from what was working for us early on. Even with Greene out, I felt Powell was still gaining 3-4 yards per carry. We got away from dictating to the defense…like Crack’s article from last week spoke of. I thought for the most part our O-Line held up pretty well, (unfortunately it appeared as though their DBs were holding on pretty well too…call me bitter, I’m ok with it)….But what happened to the quick slants, passes to the flat… could tell after the first quarter that Sanchez had no rhythm….and I feel as though we were trying to go for the big play more than we were trying to go for quick completions to that clock, and get Sanchez back into a rhythm.

2 – I don’t really have another complaint about our Offense other than Sanchez holding the ball a little too long, but I think that their coverage dictated a lot of that. So I want to make an observation. The TE Position has been utilized very successfully by many teams the past couple of years. Once we get Keller back, we need to make him a focal point of our offense, and not just a check down option. I think that once we start to prioritize our TE on the Attack, that will loosen up the coverage on Holmes, Hill and Kerley and give us some of the big plays and YAC that we so desperately need. What do you guys think?

Ok everyone, I never have nor will I ever claim to be a writer….so please forgive me….but I just needed to write down my thoughts to see if anyone else felt along the same lines as me.

Onto Miami!

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