Calm down, Jet fans. This loss isn't the end of our season

This is the rest of our schedule going forward: Dolphins, 49ers, Texans, Colts, Patriots, Dolphins, Bye week, Seahawks, Rams, Patriots, Cardinals, Jaguars, Titans, Chargers, and finally Bills. I will get to this in a minute. Our loss at pittsburg was brutal, and we are now at 1-1. But That is no reason to panic. We can still get into the playoffs, and still make a huge run. I break it all down, predicting the final 14 games.

Jets vs Dolphins: We are pretty much going to win this one. Dolphins have a rookie QB, and no legit WR. Thier running game is decent at best. On defense, they traded Vonte Davis, who was a pretty solid CB. Then they have Cameron Wake, but i think Austin Howard will shut him down. At worst, Wake will get a sack, but that's it. Also, we have thier former head coach, Tony Sparano, and former safety, Yeremiah Bell. We should win this one easily, go to 2-1.

Jets vs 49ers: The 49ers are mean and nasty. Thier defense is awesome, espically aganist the run with all world linebacker Patrick Willis, and all pro lineman Justin Smith. This is a scary defense, but the offense, not so much. Alex Smith is not scary at QB, while at WR, they don't have many playmakers either, besides Randy Moss, who is old, and Mario Manningham, who is more of a slot reciever then anything else. Frank Gore, however, is mean at running back. Much like Rashand Mendenhall, he can break tackles, and is hard to bring down. However, I believe the offense prepares well for the 9ers's defense, and our defense shuts down the 9ers offense. Special teams plays a role as well, as Tebow gets a few fake punts and wildcat really helps out. Nick Folks kicks some field goals, The Jets survive and win. 3-1.

Jets at Texans: We lose our 2nd game here. The Texans are balanced to perfection, on both sides of the ball. Andre Johnson can beat anyone in coverage, Arian Foster is superb at RB, and thier O-Line is one of the best in the game. On defense, They got a great D-Line, and a great LB/Secondary corps. I think we lose this one, but i wouldnt be suprised to see us win narrowly. 3-2.

Jets at Colts: We win this one, just like with the dolphins. Reggie wayne is old, and Revis locks him down. The tight ends will be tough, but i think we can lock them down as well. On defense, they are playing a 3-4, which means Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeny are playing out of position. We win this game easily. 4-2.

Jets at Patriots: I can't wait for this game. This will be a huge test. The Pats defense is greatly improved, and Brady is Brady. They also got a running game, and have Gronk. I read a report that Aaron Herndenez will be out for 6 weeks, so that is good. Here's the link if you want to check it out. They also signed Brandon Lloyd, and he will be a tough test. On defense, Chandler Jones and Donta Hightower look real good, and they bring back mostly the same guys from last year. I think we pull out a late game victory, just because we need it. We are hungry for revenge. We need this, and we take it. 5-2

Jets vs Dolphins: Look at first section on top. 6-2.

Bye week. We go to seattle and prepare for the Seahawks.

Jets vs Seahawks: The Seahawks are an underrated team. They have a strong defense, and Russell Wilson is looking more and more like a franchise QB. Marshaw Linch is a very powerful runner, and the recieving corps is decent, with our old pal, BRAYLON EDWARDS. This will be a tough game, most likely a low scoring game. But i believe with the bye week we have right before, we have extra time to prepare for the Seahawks. Also, Pete Carroll is the HC for the Seahawks. I know the Jets want to beat him since he was a HC for us back in the mid 90's. 7-2.

Jets vs Rams: Another easy win for us. Steven Jackson is a great RB, but other then that, the Ram don't have much offensively. The Jets can shut down Bradford, and the recievers. And the Ram defense isn't all that good. 8-2

Jets vs Patriots: We lose this game. We always split with the Patriots, and i believe that even though we will fight, the Pats will win this one. They will come out on top. 8-3.

Jets vs Cardinals: I can't believe the Cards beat the Pats. The Cards will be a tough team to beat, they have Larry Fitzgerald, who is just a dominant reciever. Thier defense, just like the Seahawks, is underrated. This will be a tough matchup, but beside Fitz, the Card offense doesn't have enough to scare the Jets. John Skelton and Kevin Kolb are both average QBs, and they don't have much a running game. Jets win. 9-3.

Jets vs Jaguars: The Jets face another underrated defense in the Jags. But we beat this unit bad last year. The Jags have a better offense, but it's still not good enough to stand up to us. The defense has a good day, Offense does enough, and the Jets win. 10-3

Jets vs Titans: The Titans offense has looked bad through the first 2 games. Chris Johnson has been shut down, Jake Locker doesn't look good, and i havent heard a thing about Kenny Britt or Kendall Wright. On defense, the Titans don't look good. Michael Griffen regrets not signing with us. Easy win for the Jets. 11-3.

Jets vs Chargers: This is a confusiing matchup. I want to say the Jets win, but i don't know how the rest of the league will be. Will the Jets be at the top of the AFC East, or will we be fighting for a playoff spot? I say we are fighting for AFC East, so we put our starters out there. We beat the Chargers the last 2 times we faced them, and the Chargers have downgraded since our last meeting. They lost Vincent Jackson, so that's a huge burden off us. Ryan Matthews keeps getting injured, and overall, the offense doesn't look hot come week 16. The defense is regressing, and the Jets win. 12-3.

Jets vs Bills: Once again, just like with the chargers, i don't know if our starters will be out there or not. If they are, the Jets will and go 13-3. If not, they go 12-4.

I hope you guys enjoy the article. I know i made a lot of contreversial decisions, but i think i did a good job. I welcome all critisism, and LETS GO JETS.

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