Top Ten Worst Jets in Week 2

So the Jets go from being a team unlike anything we could have imagined to being exactly what the preseason dictated we would be. Not to say that either Week 1 or Week 2 will indicate a trend, but if the Jets play like they did today against another team with a more competent offense, you can expect a bunch of games ending with blowout scores like 47-10, 37-7, 40-3, etc.

That being said, since I did last week's evaluation with the top ten BEST players of the week, I decided it was only proper to do the opposite for this week (after all, it was almost just as easy).

Honorable Mention: Austin Howard - while he didn't have a Wayne Hunter-like game, he certainly wasn't the wall that he was last week giving up a sack and a lot of pressure.

10 Everyone trying to block for Mark Sanchez - I know Howard and one of the RBs were the only ones to give up sacks on Sanchez, but those pockets were way too small and seemed to be forcing Sanchez to move up constantly. Only an elite QB would have been able to make plays with that little time and that much pressure. San Fran is coming up in 2 weeks and rumor has it they have some guys who know how to stop an offense.

9 Shonn Greene - another game, another day of Greene displaying how average a player he is. Even before the injury he wasn't breaking through holes, he was making mistakes and just generally displaying that he isn't a powerback - just an average running back that charges headfirst into everything.

8 Mark Sanchez - a very generous spot for him considering he had about a 35% completion percentage. But many of those plays were not his fault. He played like a guy you can win games with, but the talent around him didn't.

7 Antonio Cromartie - that touchdown he gave up to Wallace was unacceptable. He has number 1 CB talent but played like Lito Sheppard.

6 Santonio Holmes - despite all of the drops I have to credit him with being the only person capable of getting on the board.

5 Isaiah Trufant/Ellis Lankster (not sure who is who to be honest) - making mistakes left and right in the ST unit and giving up yards in coverage

4 Jeremy Kerley - had a nice play early but still has a lot of work to go before being a legit slot receiver. And no player until Mike Westhoff should be caught dead whiffing a punt return - especially after last week.

3 The Front Seven - another week without proper tackling in the backfield against one of the shakiest offensive lines in the league. Garret McIntyre was the only one that made a sack that didn't involve Big Ben slipping and sliding - what does that say about the pass rush?

2 Stephen Hill - whenever he wasn't off the map he was making drops. the mighty have fallen.

1 Landry and Bell - I have nothing specific to say about Bell except that he played far too cautiously. Now for Landry: in many ways he appeared to be the opposite of what we think of Antonio Cromartie: Cromartie only tries to make plays and never hits; Landry only tries to hit and never makes plays. The only thing Landry was doing besides missing sacks and tackles in the backfield was getting penalties. It's that kind of play that costs field position, creates liabilities in coverage, and worst of all puts countless players at risk for serious injury - himself included. Landry's a talented guy but his style of play was a liability the entire game.

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