Top Ten Best Jets in Week 1 (#Good to be back!)

Hello everyone, it's been at least 6 months I believe since the last post I made here at GangGreenNation. And that's 5 months, 29/30 days, 23 hours and 59 seconds longer than I should have. That being said, I would like to give the first of what I hope to be many Top Ten Best Jets lists.

And here they are, starting with the Honorable Mention:

HM Nick Folk/R. Mallone - Folk looked as good in that game as he ever has. He was 8/8 on all of his kicks and his kickoffs were nice and deep. Mallone surprised me by getting so much distance and hang-time on his punts, especially the first one! Granted, 2 is not really a good sample, but he did do his job excellently.

10 Santonio Holmes - kept the defense honest with 68 yards and a nice 25 yard grab.

9 Ryan Fitzpatrick - OK, I cheated a little bit. But let's be honest, Fitzpatrick really was the 12th man for the Jets with those gift-wrapped interceptions to Revis, Wilson and Cromartie.

8 Antonio Cromartie - got the essentially game-ending INT-TD. Two interesting things to note: 1 - If Cromartie were a WR, he should have made that first missed pass an INT EASILY. 2 - If Cromartie were a WR on your Fantasy Team, he would have been worth about 10 points (40 yards, TD)

7 LaRon Landry - his hit on Fred Jackson pretty much eliminated all hope of the Bills mounting a comeback, not to mention a fumble forced.

6 The Front Seven - No one specific gets a mention. In fact many of them played pretty poorly at times. But what they lacked in single stats they made up for by generating enough pressure to force turnovers and stuff the run when it mattered most.

5 Darrelle Revis - We knew Fitzpatrick and Johnson would try to test Revis. And somehow we all knew exactly what would happen

4 Stephen Hill - only the 5th rookie WR in NFL history to score 2 TD's in the opening game. Made a drop in the 1st quarter that was quickly forgiven by the mismatches he caused for the rest of the game (that mattered).

3 Jeremy Kerley - a beautiful receiving TD followed up less than 3 minutes later by an even more beautiful PR TD. Nice coming out party for him - rewarded by a Player of the Week award.

2 Austin Howard - Had a dominating game against one of the league's best pass rushers. Everyone (me included) thought he'd get beaten, maybe not as often as WayneWhoShouldNotBeNamed, but enough to cause pressure. Nope - he went above and beyond the call of duty.

1 Mark Sanchez - that's the kind of QB play you can win 10-12 games with. He didn't look like a Top 5 or maybe even a Top 10 QB in my opinion, but he looked like a QB who's back you can put a team on. And coming from one of his biggest haters (and that's myself), I am truly humbled by his impressive performance...except for that stupid INT.

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