Woke Up This Morning... Got Yourself a Gun

The Sopranos Woke Up This Morning Video (via Flavario)

Tony Soprano... um... I mean Sparano has an outstanding blue print for this offense. And if its run right, we will be really tough to handle. It seems, to me, the formula is to quicken the tempo, run run run, change personnel groupings frequently, mix in some Tebow, and attack weak spots in the passing game. If we get this machine well oiled, its almost impossible to defend.

By committing to the run, it means that the defense always has to honor it. We'll run it from any personnel group at any time. It creates a an aversion to cheating. We establish it and commit to it, regardless of success or failure. If you can't stop it, you will be gutted. If you have to alot extra resources to stop it, you will be gutted. Shonn Greene aint all that, but if we get push and he gets downhill, fools will get trampled.

By bringing in Tebow and putting him in the slot and passing it, it means that defense can't trigger a run call and load up with a certain personnel when he enters the game. Once we establish that a pass is possible, Tebow can grab his 3-4 yards up the gut every time. And if your ill-prepared, we will pick that scab until the blood is gushing. The Tebow Package serves a very useful purpose. He doesn't disrupt the flow of the offense. He disrupts the flow of the defense. You have to dedicate hours and hours of time to prepare for him. If you don't, those little 3 yard gains turn into 5 and 7 yard gains. And the next thing you know, Tebow's got Mo. So while we run some Greene, switch personnel and go into a bunched set to attack your nickel corner, then stich personnel again to go to the Tebow package, your D-coordinator is so busy playing match-up that he loses focus on how to set up against a certain combo in a specific spot. Tebow is our thief. He will either steal some yards or he will steal your time from suring up weaknesses in other places.

By frequently changing personnel groupings and upping the tempo, the defense can never settle in and get a bead on what we're trying to set up. They can't disguise coverage and bait bad throws. They have to be on their toes and ready to react to what we're doing. We'll constantly be dictating. We'll constantly be attacking weaknesses and applying pressure. Defenses will contantly be on their toes.

You can't play run and roll coverage at the same time. You can't double Tone and Keller and Hill at the same time. You can't trot out run personnel just because Tebow comes in. You can't drop into coverage just because Tebow comes in. You can't hide your weaknesses. And we WILL attack.

I can't tell you what a breath of fresh air this is compared to the prior OC. Have you ever seen Sanchez so decisive and so quick with his release? Its no accident. Schotty's offense was based on attacking weaknesses that presented themself. Meaning you had to wait to see what presented itself. We'd do a bunch of meaningless shifts and wait til there was no time on the play clock to snap it, and defenses would respond in kind by shifting and changing their looks to create confusion and time their get off. Sanchez' reads were dictated by coverage. Meaning he had to decipher coverage to determine his read. Meaning he had to figure out everything post-snap. Meaning everything happened slowly. And if you're slow in the NFL, you die.

Sparano's offense seems to dictate coverage. We're gonna line up quickly and we're gonna snap it. If you're not ready, you die. We know the coverage because we dictate it. We know the read because its predetermined. Sanchez no longer has to worry about coverage. He KNOWS the coverage. He's putting defenses in whatever coverage he wants them in. And if they get cute, they get the ball run down their throat.

You woke up this morning. Got yourself a gun. Mama always said you'd be the chosen one. She said: you're one in a million, you've got burn to shine. But you were born under a bad sign, with Blue Moon in your eyes.

The Jets are that bad mofo with a gun and don't give a fo. Unpredictable and dangerous and armed. Come get some.
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