Predictions and projections for the team and players: part 1

Today we're gonna go over my predictions as to how some of our players are gonna perform this season. Before I start, let me just explain what I think the offense is gonna look like. I've seen some people here say that we're gonna run the ball 550-600 times. Personally, I don't see that happening. As much as Rex wants to run the ball, I think we're going to have an offense similar to the 2010 offense, where we had 525 pass attempts and 534 rush attempts. So right around the 50/50 mark. A lot of these projections also lean towards the more optimistic side, but what can I say, I feel pretty good about the team this year.

Mark Sanchez 302/507 3525 yards, 24 Tds, 11 Int, 6 fumbles, 3 lost, 6.9 y/a, 87.4 passer rating, 1 rushing td

Yes, I do think things finally will work out for Sanchez. He really just seems to have a great command of the offense right now, and also looks really loose and focused. He definitely has it in him, he just needs to be more consistent on a game-to-game basis. And something rather revealing that Dustin Keller mentioned a while ago was that Schotty's offense seemed to change a lot between games, whereas Sparano is more focused on a primary offensive philosophy. Maybe the gameplan-specific offenses had to do with Sanchez, and the rest of the offense's inconsistency last year. That's just a theory, but one that I thought was worth bringing up. I've also mentioned before how I think it's no coincidence how he reportedly had that stinger and shoulder problem towards the end of the season, and his worse performance the second half of the season. He played pretty well in the first half. The number of attempts is the same as 2010. I doubt it works out the exact same way, but as I mentioned earlier, I think we'll have a similar run-pass ratio as two years ago. He'll have far fewer rushing TDs because Tebow will go in around the goal-line.

Shonn Greene: 306 carries, 1304 yards, 8 Tds, 4.3 y/c

I'm on the War Machine bandwagon. Shonn Greene has my full support. He overcame an atrocious start last year, and still managed to rush for 1000 yards at a solid 4.2 a pop, in a year where we averaged under 4 yards a carry. Sign me up for that player. Sparano is gonna wanna pound the ball early and often, so I think Shonn Greene will get off to a better Start than last year, plus it's a contract year, so a lot is on the line for him. I think he comes through. Yeah, he's not a big play threat, and he isn't flashy, but he gets the yards on 1st and 2nd down. He also did improve as a pass-protector and catcher, although he'll probably come off the field on that down anyway.

Bilal Powell/ Joe McKnight: 150 carries combined, 690 yards, 4.6 y/c, 4 tds

I'm not sure which guy is gonna be the 3rd down back, but I think they'll share carries in that role regardless of who actually wins the job. This really is just a projection since we haven't seen much from either of them yet, but i'm a positive thinker and have confidence in them to step up and do a good job. They'll need to be the playmakers in our backfield.

Santonio Holmes: 72 rec. 1,044 yards, 7 tds.

I expect a great season from Santonio Holmes. Sparano knows he has a ball-hungry diva on his hands, just like he did in Miami, so he's gonna make him a feature player in the offense, and lean on him to be a playmaker. This leads me to think he's gonna have a great, productive season, and be the playmaker that we paid him to be. Plus, now that we have a deep threat in Stephen Hill, defenses can't just roll everything to his side, otherwise they risk getting burned deep. TONE TIME!

Dustin Keller: 61 rec, 793 yards, 7 tds

Yes, i'm aware that this probably isn't the ideal kind of offense for a pass-catching tight end like Dustin Keller. That being said, I don't think Tony Sparano is stupid, he probably knows what he has in Dustin Keller, and will put him in a position to succeed and be productive. Since him and Santonio Holmes are our two best-pass catchers on offense, I think he'll be sure to lean on these two to be the biggest playmakers through the air, meaning I think they'll both be productive.

Stephen Hill: 33 rec. 567 yards, 4 tds

I don't think he'll have a lot of catches because of how raw he is, but I do think the catches that he does haul in go quite the distance, since he has a 17.2 y/c average in this projection. I think we'll primarily just use him as a deep threat when he's on the field, and while I do expect him to start, I don't think that means he's gonna play every snap, since like we all know, he is raw. He has my prediction for the most impactful rookie, based on his presence as a deep threat, which can really open things up for the rest of the offense. He doesn't need to be that #1 go-to guy right away, he just needs to be a vertical threat, and I think he can be.

Jeremy Kerley: 35 rec. 437 yards, 3 tds

He's in the dog house right now, but I think he'll get out of there soon enough, and fill a davone bess-like role in the offense, being a presence on 3rd down in the slot. I don't think his numbers are gonna be super high, based on the merit that he's only the 3rd receiver in a run-first offense. His presence however, will be important, helping for those key 3rd down conversions. He really started to emerge as a playmaker at the end of last season, and I hope for him to build on that.

Chaz Schilens: 25 rec. 380 yards, 2 tds

He's just the fourth receiver, so I don't think he's gonna have really big numbers, but I do think he'll find some time on the field and haul in about that many catches.

Tim Tebow: 7/15, 80 yards, 1 passing td. Rushing: 50 attempts, 265 yards, 6 tds.

I don't really think he's gonna be doing as much as some people envision. I think he'll probably see about 5-10 snaps a game, mostly just running, but occasionally throwing the ball to catch the other team off guard. He'll be a nice little weapon that draws way more publicity than his actual role warrants. And no, I don't think he starts any games. Maybe 1 or 2 if Sanchez gets a minor injury. I think he's perfectly capable of winning a couple of spot starts, so I actually feel good about having him as the backup.

The offense in total: 2259 rushing yards (6th in nfl), 3508 passing yards (17th in NFL), 5767 yards (14th in NFL)

So yeah, I do think the offense is gonna be perfectly solid this year, get the job done, and complement our defense. Maybe this all errs on the rosy side, but hey, I believe in our personnel and our coaching staff to get it done. It's a big season and I think they'll answer the call.

Be sure to comment, I write for the readers. Next time, we'll look at the defense.

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