Stephen A. Smith, A Joke, and Not a Funny One

"No Stephen A. Smith, I'm not Sanka from Cool Runnings and I don't want you to kiss my lucky egg. I'm Joe McKnight, and I'm about to go crazy all over these fools this year"----

I tend to avoid Stephen A. Smith's articles like a 14th century farmer would avoid the Bubonic plague, but unfortunately one was sent to me today and curiosity got the better of me. I didn't for a minute think that it was going to contain anything but negativity, I mean the man has based his whole career on being 'that guy'. We all know one, the guy who can't help but take a dig at anything and everything, the pantomime villain if you will.

So what gems did he have, how about the title "Jets are a joke, and not a funny one".....well that's always a great start. He goes on to say how four years into the Rex Ryan era, we are going nowhere. He explains how pathetic this is and a nice little paragraph:

Blame a general manager in Mike Tannenbaum who forgot about his offense this offseason. Blame a coach who probably encouraged him to do so. Pay attention to the absence of a bona fide No. 1 receiver, no-names as No. 2 wideouts and an offensive line still in training, and what you have is a mediocre team trying to sell itself as something better.

Unfortunately with Stephen, it's always a quick flick to a team and if they haven't brought in a superstar then they obviously don't care. The simple fact is our backs are up against the walls with the cap situation. Plaxico while a good red-zone target costs $$$'s and did very little between the 20's. We brought in a player in Stephen Hill who has all the potential in the world, we just need to be patient with him. No name's at the no.2 spot would include that Superbowl MVP and wide receiver who has over 5,000 yards receiving in the league, Santonio Holmes. Oh and the offensive line still in training that includes three Pro Bowlers.

Let me say this again, Stephen A. Smith has built a career on being that doom and gloom character who looks at the short term, ignores the long term and likes to get fan bases agitated. So as a career goal, he's done a bloody good job. However don't listen to the manic ravings of the only clown at the circus that nobody wants to see. Calling a team pathetic based on three pre-season games, well I'm not sure quite how to look at that.

Simple fact is we have Kerley, a player Stephen A. Smith probably knows nothing about. We have Santonio Holmes who can break open a game, we have Stephen Hill a promising 21 year old rookie with 4.36 speed. We have Dustin Keller one of the better pass catching tight ends there are. We have an offensive line that now looks like it can keep the quarterback clean.

Week one against Buffalo can't come soon enough!

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