Right Tackle: When disaster strikes

I was one of the biggest supporters of Wayne Hunter. I saw what he did in the 2010 season, and up until the point that he was up in a 2 point stance on 3rd down in the AFC championship game, I thought he played way above average that season. Considering he came in for an injured Damion Woody, the Jets never missed a beat. Then came last year, which I considered and abberation, or some sort of fallout of Brian Schottenheimer trying to make a brute into a ballerina.

Now, I'm not sure. I know this guys back is hurt, but what I've seen is just atrocious. I think it's time for Mike Tannenbaum to do what he do best. We crap on him for burning through draft picks, but we laud him for plucking Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, Alan Faneca, Kevin Mawae, and many more with low draft picks. Just recently he swung and missed with Jeff Otah. I say it's time to hit the phones and do it again. Until then, I'm just throwing out names of guys I think should be added to this team. No order, just a few names.

1. Landon Walker RT Clemson. He was a rookie free agent picked up by the Bengals after the draft. He was ranked around 30th in the draft for all tackles. Benched 31 times, and stands 6'6 300lbs. He started the last 3 years at Clemson, and held his own against the Auburn's and top tier teams during his time there. He's currently floating around as a rookie free agent again, and I think the Jets should give him a look. The thing I read about this guy is he has knocked down or pancaked 30+ times a year the 3 years he started. In college football that's about 3 times a game which is great stuff.

2. Jake Scott LG Tennessee Titans. He played for the Colts and Titans pretty well, and then abruptly retired from football 3 months ago after just 7 seasons of football. He's a great guard, and helped pave the way for Chris Johnson's 2000 yard season. He's 6'4 290 lbs. My thinking is that he could slide to LG, and Slauson to slide out to right tackle. I know Slauson is not a quick footed guy, but he's smart, he works hard, and he is better than Wayne Hunter, and Scott would be an upgrade over him. Tanny would just have to put in a call to him, and convince him to play for 2 more years.

3. Adam Goldberg OT/OG ST Louis Rams. Goldberg started with the Vikings from 2004, and has played for the Rams at guard since 2006. He plays all over the line, and took over both left and right tackle spots when needed. He unseated the rams #2 draft pick Jacob Bell as starter last season from week 3 on. He's versatile, and could slide into a right tackle spot. He's 6'6 and 310 lbs. More of a finesse guy, but again, he is versatile, cheap, and better than Hunter.

4. Johnny Culbreath OT Detroit Lions. This guy is a Jets pick up. He was drafted in 2011 by the Lions. An All American tackle at South Carolina State. He ran a 4.92 and benched 27 reps at his pro day. The Lions picked him up in the 7th round. He's 6'5 and 320 lbs. The Lions cut him last month for testing positive for marijuana. This guy at the very least needs to be added and developed on the practice squad. He has the most athleticism hands down, and he's only 24 years old.

5. Andre Gurode OG/OT/OC Baltimore Ravens. Gurode is 6'4 320 lbs and played 9 years for the Cowboys, and 1 for the Ravens. What you probably remember him for is getting his head stomped by Albert Haineswearth, with no helmet on. He reminds me alot of Damion Woody. He started as a center, moved to guard, and played tackle I believe. He plays with more of a mean streak. He's currently floating around and looking for a team. To me he's a definite upgrade over Hunter.

There's a ton of other guys out there that I think the Jets may give a look to that are older veterans that are rehabbing from injuries. That list includes Chad Clifton, Tony Ugoh, Marcus McNeill, Kareem McKenzie, etc.

My ultimate hope is that Mike T. decides to double up. I hope he signs a free agent from the list above, and goes back to his biggest strength, by grabbing a solid veteran for a low draft pick. Develop the young guys, and play the veterans. Off the subject, if you can't play why waste the roster spot? Hunter and Ducasse have until preseason game 4 to turn things around, or they don't deserve to put on a Jets jersey in 2012.

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