Return Flight: Best Moments Against the Patriots

Once again, we go around the league to look back on the good times against each of the other 31 franchises. Yesterday, we talked about the Colts, whom we beat for our one and only Super Bowl win. Today, we'll revisit some happy times against the great couch up north, the former HC of the NYJ Bill Belichick.

Once again, this is simply based on my own awareness and preference. I invite you to add your own thoughts in the comments section, especially if you remember some great highlights prior to the 90s when I first started following the team.

1. 2010-11 Divisional Game. Once again, Rex Ryan made this game "personal" once again, after making it personal and winning against Peyton Manning. David Harris intercepted Tom Brady. Braylon Edwards dragged two DBs into the end zone. Jet planes and back flips. Bart Scott said he couldn't wait for the next game.

2. September 20, 2009. Gang Green hosted the Patriots in their home opener, after winning the season opener in Houston. Rex called the season-ticket holders and implored them to be loud. The stadium introduced a new loud siren noise. Joey Galloway was a Patriot. Brady looked confused and had zero touchdowns. I may be misremembering, but I think this is the game where the Patriots staff were calling plays written on white boards to somehow give them an edge on D-Rex.

Apart from finally breaking the streak of home losses to the Pats, this game offered hope to Jets fans. It looked like we finally found an answer. At the end of the game, Mark Sanchez was sacked, but much heap was praised on his prudence to cover the ball instead of throwing it for a potential interception.

3. November 12, 2006. The Jets were coming off the bye week, and the Pats were coming off a loss. Eric Mangini showed the team footage of a boxing underdog (Ali vs. Liston, IIRC) winning and moving on to greatness. Gang Green kept giving body blows until the knockout punch in the end, with Brady sitting on the mud as the Jets defenders celebrated around him.

This also gave the Jets fans hope after finally breaking the streak of losses at New England. We also saw some unorthodox plays like Chad Pennington punting out of the shotgun to pin them inside the 5, and if I remember correctly, there were a couple of plays where we introduced the "stand-up defense", where all the DLs and LBs would stand around instead of getting into stances and confuse the O-line. Much heap was praised on Brian Schottenheimer and Mangenius, if I remember correctly. And then there was the limp handshake afterwards.

A couple of good moments happened in a loss earlier that season, when both Jerricho Cotchery and Laveranues Coles had long touchdown runs, playing like a Jet and not stopping until the whistle. The complete opposite of that happened later on in the postseason when the wild card Jets travelled back to New England. Pennington's throw to the flat was deemed a lateral that fell to the ground, and a defender picked it up for a touchdown as the offensive players stood around watching.

Another bad moment was the "bury the ball" game on Monday Night in 2010. Another was the "SpyGate" game, the season opener of 2007, which gave the Patriots the first of 19 straight wins.

Let's hope for some even better moments this season. Hopefully we can give them some payback for sweeping us last year.

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