What position do you have the most faith in?

I'm curious GGN's what position are you most comfortable with? Which one do you feel like we are stacked at? I'll do a poll later on which one you think is our weakest but for right now I'll give you my choices and leave it open for opinions.

After the jump the positions I consider our strengths.

CB: If you haven't noticed, we might have the best player in the NFL on our team. (at least defensively). Then we have a guy who despite maddeningly inconsistent games can be just as good as number one which was the majority of last year.. Our nickel guy is possibly the best in the league at covering slot guys as a number 3 CB and could end up being a great number two but has never been tested. After that its a hodge podge of replacements. Still it's a pretty impressive group that is probably the best in the league.

Strength: Best player in the league, great depth. Can shut down the number one receiver for whole games.

Weakness: Revis may want more money, possible holdout. Cro is inconsistent in backup role. No idea if Wilson can step into number two role right away.


This is arguably our biggest area of depth. The big thing with the Defensive line is the speciality of the group and how well they do at it.. They locked up one of the best nose tackles in the game, who may be the best at clogging the middle against the run. Then they have two young guns: One is a great run stuffer who showed flashes last year, while the other is raw but extremely talented. Add in some great depth guys including Mike Devito and it's deep. Also the newest first round pick can line up at end and provide a pass rush.

Strength: Depth and run stopping ability. Can in essence shut down half of the game. Injuries can be covered with different personnel.

Weakness: No pass rush with current crop of guys. Coples may be able to give them some help from the edge.

LB: Ok it's a reach but I look at this group and it has a great mix. An aging veteran who can provide big hits and stops the run. An all around beast in Harris. Then you get to the outside where we have great promise in Coples. Maybin on the other side was a beast and may even get better with someone helping him out. Add in another young LB from the draft and you have a position that can make leaps and bounds forward.

Strength: Lots of different personnel for different scenarios. Lots of young talent who can make an impact next year.

Weakness: Lots of uncertainty. Is Bart Scott too old? Can Harris ever do well in coverage? Will Coples be another bust? Was last year a fluke for Maybin? These are all legitimate questions.

RB/FB: I'm higher on this position than most. We have a solid but not spectacular back in Shuan Greene. Then we have a spark plug in Mcknight who can break huge plays. After that, it's a guessing game of who can make it. At FB we have the Terminator a guy who makes his living crushing defenders. He's also pretty adept at getting 2-3 yards on third down when we need one. This position would be higher if it wasn't for questionable depth or really the lack of it.

Strengths: Greene and Mcknight form a great one two. If one of the other guys develops we could have a premier running trio.

Weakness: Depth is a huge concern. See Denver, 2011. Also, Greene does not break huge plays. Mcknight is not everydown back. If no one develops it's on these two guys to stay healthy.

Well there's my top 4 position groups I feel comfortable with. Did I miss any? Do you think there's one that deserves better recognition or one that scares you?

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