Maintaining Quality FanPosts and FanShots

I Want YOU To Use Proper Grammar!

In addition to our main articles, the editors, staff writers, and moderators here closely monitor the content and quality of the FanPosts and FanShots written by you, our readership. One of the distinctions about Gang Green Nation from other blogs (Jets or otherwise) is the quality of our reader-driven content. Many other sites often devolve into shouting matches with little regard to logic and grammar.

With a new season on the horizon, and droves of new members joining daily, we here at GGN would like to remind our readers of the standards we like to uphold. There are certain expectations of originality of post, grammar/spelling, length, etc. for FanPosts and FanShots. For the most part, they do wonders for professionalism and having your opinion taken seriously. In other regards, it simply makes your post readable. Join me below the jump as I break down what makes a quality FanPost and/or FanShot.

As I briefly mentioned above, there are three sections of standards we suggest you aim for. Obviously, it's the Internet, so you're free to ignore us. If you prefer typing without grammatical standards, there's little we can do. Here are the three standards to shoot for:

  1. Originality - After the New York Jets traded for Tim Tebow and the internet exploded, we started having a Tebow-only thread for a while so we wouldn't start getting repetitive posts. This idea isn't necessarily related to Tebow, though, so when you're thinking of a post to write about, go for originality. If you see a topic on the same subject has already been started, there's no reason to write another one if you're just writing to agree (unless you have a different opinion, in which case it may be appropriate). I encourage everyone to glance through our archives; unless you're a serious regular here, there's probably stuff you missed that you might like and will reduce the need to ask the same question, or present the same opinion, twice. Being original will draw more people to your post and increase the likelihood that it gets Front Page'd or put in Dave's Flight Connections.
  2. Grammar/spelling - This is one of the more difficult things to maintain on the internet, since we aren't likely to ban you if you just misspell words or don't use proper grammar. But please, please proofread what you write in your FanPosts and FanShots to make it more legible. It doesn't need to be in perfect English, but the easier to read, the more people will. In addition, when you're using poor grammar, ALL CAPS, or just using it to be a jerk/troll, people won't take you or your opinion seriously. We all come here to read what other Jets fans are thinking; please don't make it more difficult or frustrating to figure out what you're trying to say.
  3. Length - When we're writing articles for the front page, the minimum word count we generally shoot for is around 150 words. That standard is obviously different for FanPosts and FanShots, so here is a little blurb from John B. on the subject:

FanPosts should be used when you have something to say. It may be a reaction to a link or video. You may just have scattered thoughts you need to share. The important thing is you are giving us your own opinion on a matter. If you are responding to a link or video, please share and quote it.

FanPosts must have at least 75 characters. Please use good grammar and spelling. The best FanPosts in terms of in depth analysis and proper writing format may be promoted to the front page at the discretion of the administrators.

FanShots are not your own thought. They exist so that you can share the work of others whether it be a link, a quote, a video, or a picture, with others.

As you can see above, please use FanPosts for more substantive posts than "Is Tebow The Biggest Jerk Or What?!?!?!?" with a two sentence "argument" and a misleading poll with the only option being "OF COURSE HE IZ." If you would like to discuss the state of the quarterbacks, a draft prospect, a potential game plan to beat the stuffing out of the Miami Dolphins, etc., use a FanPost. Include statistics, videos, or other facts that support your argument if possible. Present your case like we're trying to persuade Rex Ryan or Mike Tannenbaum, and I can guarantee people will take your opinion seriously, even if they disagree with it.

Like I said above, what makes GGN great is our readers. You're knowledgable, smart, funny, and differentiate us from other blogs. As we saw with the history of the "Home of the Jets" chant from Kevin Mawae, some pretty important people read this blog. Keep writing, and keep making us proud to run this site. And go Jets!
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