Flight Connections 07-03-12


Turf Show Times wonders if Brian Schottenheimer can be successful with the Rams, despite his track record with the Jets. I hope we're not being as blindly homeristic (is that a word?) with Tony Sparano.

Army veteran Ben Kotwicka is visiting the troops with Eric Mangini, Bill Cowher and Leslie Frazier.

Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez and Plaxico Burress attended Santonio Holmes' charity event for sickle cell.

Meanwhile, Dustin Keller was doing charity work at Chelsea Piers, in this video.

Terrence Ganaway was at a "Play 60" event, where he heard some not so nice things.

NFL.com wonders if Shonn Greene can carry the load.

National Football Authority believes Greene Machine and Joe McKnight will have a big year.

Brian Costello points out that Matt Slauson has a big season ahead, in his final year of his rookie deal.

Conor Orr shares a Q&A with John Conner.

Here is the Jenny Vrentas Q&A with Bart Scott, where everybody is pointing out the "entitlement" quote. Not that it wasn't true, but what made more of an impression to me is the fact that he is foregoing vacations to be fully ready.

Darrelle Revis was at a photo shoot for "Sunday Night Football".

NYJ OTP: Does Muhammad Wilkerson have Pro Bowl potential?

The Jet Press: The Jets defense is on the edge of greatness.

ESPN New York: Top 5 statistical indicators.

Jersey Jets Fan: Everybody's a critic.

JetNation: Could Anthony Fasano wind up as a Jet?

Associated Press: Concussion lawsuits are the next big US litigation.

Pro Football Weekly: The future of the "official helmet".

Deadspin: Why do we have sideline reporters?

Deadspin: An athlete's PR guy comes clean.

Smart Football: The fullback draw.

Tim Graham: The new blackout rules give the Bills some math to ponder.

David Wyatt will be holding down the fort for John B through the offseason.

Ryan Alfieri is now on board with NYJets Draft. And he is looking for writers.

Is John Abraham a hall of famer? Are people really saying this?

Kevin Greene tells about being his own agent, in this video.

Does anybody care that Eric Wright was arrested for DUI? If this was a Jets player, the internet would explode.

Belated happy birthday to Aaron Kia. I'm sorry it didn't work out.

And lastly, this is off topic, but am I just me, or does Brooklyn Nets sound like a candy? They should really bring Bostjan Nutbar back.

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