Potential Last Minute Free Agent Acquisitions

Although it may be unrealistic given the Jet's Cap situation, I thought I'd quickly point out some potential UFA signings. I support the concept of Draft by talent not need. This BPA philosophy allows you to build of a team of ballers and game changers. Imagine if we passed on Revis for Lawrence Timmons?

Luckily the offseason is the time to patch the holes with veteran free agents.

The addition of Jeff Otah helps assuage a huge concern at Tackle, despite his obvious problem with injuries. Between him and Hunter, and assuming that Vlad steps up at Guard, our line might go from the limiting factor to the squad that pushes us into the post season. I really do believe that the team may surprise us next year. While I don't predict a Lombardi Trophy yet, I think that if Mark Sanchez steps up we are only 2-3 years out, with consecutive play off appearances until then.

For this season however I think we need to improve and solidify our nature as a Ground n` Pound offense and give Sanchez the opportunity to really show us what he's made of. To do so we need to take a look at a position I consider still weak: RB.

RB and TE are the greatest areas of concern for me, or at least the ones we can do something about. I along with many Jets players believe that Joe McKnight could have a break out year. Greene as the feature back we want to lead this offense is something I am less sold on. Tebow is going to be incredibly useful in shortage yardage situations so I'm leaving much of the Red Zone and 3rd and Short to him. Terrance Ganaway doesn't do it for me (though I definitely could be surprised) and I just don't see Bilal Powell making any impact whatsoever. There are still some more than decent RB's floating around in Free Agency and most of the are the hard runners we are looking for.

TE is a position that I think signing a veteran on a year contract could do some good, but would ultimately hurt more than help. The only two really available are Visanthe Shiancoe, who would awesome but is asking for way too much money, and Jeremy Shockey, who probably is asking for too much and is also a known cancer to teams. Hopefully between Baker, Cumberland, and Keller we will be okay.

So without further ado:

Potential Free Agents:

Cedric Benson:

Benson is one of the NFL's toughest runner's and is quite capable of being the feature back for the squad. It would light a fire under Shonne Greene's ass, considering this year is a contract year for him and would take the pressure of McKnight and allow him to focus on the change of pace role, making catches out of the back field, and KR. Benson is extremely talented and could take our Rush attack to new levels. Last year he averaged 3.9 yards/carry for 1067 yards and 6 TD's. He also caught 15 passes for 82 yards

Cedric Benson Highlights (via nuk3y0u)

Cadillac Williams:

From Bleacher Report: "Cadillac Williams quietly had a good year for the St. Louis Rams in 2011, picking up more than four yards per carry as a back up to Stephen Jackson". Perhaps a more cost effective target, former first young pick Williams would add a sure handed and tested RB to the squad.

Remember Cadillac Williams? (via alpod)

Thomas Jones?:

Just Kidding haha, but who knows?


All in all I know its pretty unlikely that we sign any of these guys, but I thought it was worth considering at least. The Jets actually contacted Benson last week but who knows if anything will come of it.

I think it is important to recognize strengths and weaknesses. The Jets have done a pretty decent job fixing the holes. Depth is an issue and so is cap space. Most important for the team is finding an identity. This will allow our players to get comfortable in the system, make some plays and win games consistently. Sanchez's development above all else will determine the Jet's success. It is very hard to win the Super Bowl with a mediocre QB. We have establish the run game early let him show us if the hard work paid off.

Here's to hoping that it will. Regardless, I am stoked to see what this team will do.

Count me into the glass half full crowd.

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