Return Flight: Best Moments Against the Dolphins

We're back once again with our look back on some good times against each of the other 31 NFL franchises. We started with the Colts, and secondly with the Patriots. And then I got sidetracked working on my trilogy of educational movies called "The Loin King", "The Little Barmaid" and "Jungle Fever Book".

Now I'm back, so let's continue with the Miami Dolphins. The Jets and the Dolphins have played 93 games against each other since the mid-1960s. The Jets lead overall with a record of 48-44-1. Hurray!

Once again, I remind you, Gang Green Gangsters, that this is an open discussion, and what I present are merely based on my own awareness and preference.

1. Monday Night Miracle, October 23, 2000. Personally, this is by far the best moment for me. This was the most epic of comebacks. It was a nationally broadcast match for control of the division. We even had the Governator assure us that the Gang Green would get the win in the end:

Wayne Chrebet is going to pull it off. I think as usual the Jets are going to come from behind, you will see... I think the Dolphins have to be terminated.

We had Jay Fiedler and Jason Taylor mic'd up, conversing on the sidelines that they had the game under control. (Both would end up with the Jets later in their career, btw. Isn't that crazy???)

We had two unlikely players to catch touchdown passes in Jermaine Wiggins (remember him?) and Jumbo Elliot. Who could ever forget the look on Jumbo's face? And after juggling that ball in the air. Also, I could be wrong, but I think Laveranues Coles's first touchdown was in this game.

The game actually ended on Tuesday morning, of course. The only negative thing about this game is Dennis Miller announcing.

2. November 1, 2004. This is where it gets subjective. This was another Monday Night game, and we dominated the Dolphins to sweep them. They had swept us the previous year. If I remember correctly, both Curtis Martin and Lamont Jordan ended up rushing for over 100 yards. Kevin Mawae had a club in his hand and was mic'd up, which made the game even more enjoyable.

3. December 22, 1991. Win or go home. The Jets were 7-8, and the Dolphins 8-7, entering the last regular season game. Gang Green came from behind late to tie the game and then win it in overtime at Joe Robbie Stadium. They had beaten the Dolphins earlier in the season, and their sweep gave them the tiebreaker. This would be their last playoff appearance until the arrival of Bill Parcells.

These are just my top personal picks. There are more great moments, of course. There's the shootout at the Meadowlands in 1986. The Jets came from behind to force overtime and won it with a 43-yard Ken O'Brien touchdown pass to Wesley Walker. They won it 51-45, and much heap was praised up them. However, what puts a damper on this win is the rematch later in the season at Miami, where the Jets were blown out 45-3 on "Monday Night Football". I don't know if they buried the ball for that one.

Brett Favre's first Jets win was also pretty great. Mike Nugent was injured, and Favre threw up a 22 yard pass on fourth down, which Chansi Stuckey caught. It was also a good test for me as a fan, because as much as I hated the jettisoning of Chad Pennington, and as much as I didn't like his Favre-ness just coming in and taking over, I still rooted for Gang Green in the end.

As an aside, now that we have Tony Sparano as our OC, I think it's interesting to remember that Favre took forever to get a grasp of Brian Schottenheimer's system, while Pennington seemed to master the Dolphins playbook right away. Anyways, what puts a damper for me is the rematch later in the season, when Chad came back and made it to the playoffs by beating his former team at the Meadowlands.

There's plenty more, but I've left the rest for you to discuss. There were some bad moments of course, like the fake spike and tripgate. And each team has had long stretches of sweeps against the other. And of course, although I've only been listing wins for now, but there are also good moments in losses, like Braylon Edwards' first touchdown catch in green and white. What other great moments do you recall, Gang Green Gangsters?

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