Top 100 Players of 2012: Where Will Revis Rank?

So NFL Network has been counting down the Top 100 players of 2012, for what seems to be an eternity now. I did a post like this a little while ago. However, now that the top 10 is scheduled to be revealed next week, I want to post again about it. As many of you have probably notice, Darrelle Revis has not yet made the list. This leads to two possibilities.

Possibility 1: He did not make the list this year.

Chance of this happening? 0%.

Possibility 2: He is one of the top ten players on the list.

Chance of this happening? 100%.

However, my challenge to you is to be able to guess the exact order of the top 10 this year, and where Revis will stand.

Here is the top 10 from last year's list:

10. Julius Peppers, DE, Bears

9. Drew Brees, QB, Saints

8. Darrelle Revis, CB, Jets

7. Andre Johnson, WR, Texans

6. Troy Polamalu, S, Steelers

5. Ed Reed, S, Ravens

4. Ray Lewis, ILB, Ravens

3. Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings

2. Peyton Manning, QB, Colts

1. Tom Brady, QB, Patriots

We can safely say that 5 players from the top 10 last year, will not make a repeat appearance. Andre Johnson, Troy Polamalu, Ed Reed, and Ray Lewis were all ranked in the 11-20 interval. Peyton Manning already made it on the list of the 50th best player (pretty good for a player who didn't even play haha). That means that half of the top 10 will consist of different players this year. Here is my stab at trying to guess how the top 10 will play out:

10. Aldon Smith



I don't think he can be considered a top 10 player yet, after all he's only been in the league for 1 year. Plus there's no way he should be ranked ahead of the likes of Jared Allen or Jason-Pierre Paul to say the least. However, he has not yet made the list, and with the likes of fellow rookie Von Miller being ranked 54, you've got to think that he would make this list. I reluctantly say that he is going to be the 10th player on this list. After making this list, realized that there's no room for him in the top 10? Wonder how he got left out of the top 100...

10. Haloti Ngata



Here is a player that you would certainly expect to make the top 10, even if he was left off of it last year. He's arguably the best defensive linemen in the league, and he is very versatile.

9. Larry Fitzgerald



Another player that you would expect to make the top 10, despite not making it last year. He's one of the most dominant wide receivers in the league today, and should greatly benefit from rookie Michael Floyd being across the field from him this year.

8. Patrick Willis



Arguably the best linebacker in the game, he is deserving of a top 10 spot. I always find it hard to rank Patrick Willis compared to the next player on this list, however I think this upcoming player will be ranked ahead of him, because of the importance of....

7. Demarcus Ware



....SACKS. Yes, sacks are a very important aspect of the game today, because of how good teams are getting at passing the ball. And while, I can never choose the better player out of the two, I have a feeling the voters of this list will put DeMarcus Ware ahead for this reason.

6. Adrian Peterson



He's the best running back in the game, and despite his injury last year, he should be in the top 10, especially if Peyton Manning, without playing a snap last season, made the 50th spot.

5. Darrelle Revis



He's the best corner back in the game, and could be the best ever when his career is over. He is able to shut down every receiver in the game single handedly, including the great....

4. Calvin Johnson



....Calvin Johnson. Now I go on record saying that I consider Darrelle Revis to be the best non-QB player in the league. And I firmly believe that. So how can Calvin Johnson be ahead of a player who was able to shut him down in the past, and could most likely shut him down in the future? (I'm putting my money on Revis everytime). I have a feeling that the players in the league will regard Calvin Johnson as a better player, just because of the importance of the passing offense in today's game. This guy is a touchdown machine, who demands double coverage from everyone but Revis. Believe me, I think that Revis should be in this slot, but I have a feeling that Johnson will be put a slot before him.

Here come the QBs....

3. Drew Brees



I think it's safe to say, or at least I believe that the top 3 spots on this list will be QBs. It's just a matter of who goes where, which is tough to predict. Drew Brees arguably was the best QB last year, and he did have a better season than our rival, Tom Brady. However, I don't think that Drew Brees will be considered better than Tom Brady by the other players until Tom Brady slows down. Also, the negative perception of the Saints right now, and the loss of Sean Payton for a year, definitely hurts Brees' stock. Actually, if one of the QBs don't make the top 3, I wouldn't be surprised if it were Drew Brees.

2. Tom Brady



Tom Brady also had a great season last year, and although not having as good of a season as Drew Brees, I think he will be ranked a spot ahead, like I said before. He will probably have another great season this year, as he really shows no sign of slowing down. Hopefully a good dose of MoPoToCo, will be his kryptonite this year.

1. Aaron Rodgers



Aaron Rodgers will probably get the number 1 spot on this list, as he should. He played out of his mind last year. Plus, unlike Tom Brady and Drew Brees, he's in the beginning of his prime. He will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come, as will the Packers as a team. Sometimes I envy Packers fans who have had an amazing guy behind center for the past 20 something years.

Players left off the top 100 list (I don't know how):

Aldon Smith: How does Von Miller make the 54th spot, and Aldon Smith not even make the list? Kind of stupid if you ask me.

Nick Mangold: Here's another guy I can't believe did not even make the list. Here's a list of the offensive linemen who made the list this year:

Ryan Kalil (Spot 99)

Donald Penn (Spot 97)

Joe Thomas (Spot 82)

Carl Nicks (Spot 76)

Joe Staley (Spot 67)

Logan Mankins (Spot 64)

Jake Long (Spot 59)

Maurkice Pouncey (Spot 49)

Jason Peters (Spot 42)

Jahri Evans (Spot 32)

This is ridiculous! Please, someone enlighten me as to why all of these offensive linemen should be listed ahead of Mangold. First of all, Mangold is the best center in the league, so there is no way Pouncey or Kalil should be ahead of him. I'd say he's better then Penn, Staley, Nicks, Mankins, Peters. Honestly, I would personally take Mangold over all of these players (I'm a biased Jets fan), but I can see a case being made for Thomas, Evans, and Long. However, everyone else on this list? No chance. The fact that Mangold isn't on this list, is mind blowing. Here's exactly how mind blowing it is: John Kuhn, the Packers fullback made the list, yet Nick Mangold didn't. Unbelievable.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson:

I'm a little less upset about this one, because Brick kind of slacked off this year. However, I still think he's obviously better than Penn and Kalil, and probably should have made it on the list in the 80-100 interval.

David Harris:

You've always got to be upset by how underrated he is, but to be honest I didn't think he would make the list, just because I'm used to it.

Now its your turn. Try to guess the last 10 spots on the list, and we will see who guesses the most correct.

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