State of the Division: Offseasons

Okay, so obviously, I'm a Patriots fan but I wanted to get GGN's viewpoint on this: Who had the best offseason, counting both free agency and the draft. AND...I want your thoughts on the other AFC East teams. So here's mine to start off.

New York Jets: The Jets didn't do too much in free agency but signed Pouha who is very underrated. They didn't fill their LB and O-line holes and that hurts. As for the draft, I personally was not a Coples or Hill fan. I just don't like raw players and both are very raw in my opinion. I know, I know, if they work out, they're going to be stars, but then, wouldn't that take a few years to develop? These players aren't win-now type players.

BEST MOVE: Signing Pouha.

WORST MOVE: Sanchez getting an extension. Just wow.

PREDICTION: I see the Bills cutting in and the AFC East sending three teams to the playoffs. I do think the Jets make it back and go 10-6. I wonder if Sanchez will break a collarbone and Tebow will end up starting (it's fate) and that actually scares me more than Sanchez. 3rd in division.

Buffalo Bills: The Bills signed Williams, Mark Anderson and really bolstered that defense. Their D was young and fast last year and it only got better. With Dareus, Williams, Anderson, Kelsay, Byrd, and other very talented players, this defense is to be feared. The offense is a weak point but I must admit that Fred Jackson is their game-changer. A solid team. And hey, Fitzpatrick can't play any worse than he did at the end of last year, right? Their draft was also solid, bringing a potential #1 corner and other talented players. TJ Graham was a waste.

BEST MOVE: Mario Williams. Will look brilliant for the next two-three years and then we'll all be laughing at the ridiculous length and cost they're paying for an old player.

WORST MOVE: Nothing stood out, but there are still holes - coaching, QB play, WR depth that were not filled.

PREDICTION: 11-5 and a wildcard slot. The Bills are too talented and have matured enough to warrant a wildcard slot. I can't see them beating the Patriots twice, but they could split the series.

Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins had a clunker of an offseason. They went after Flynn and Manning and lost out on both. They got stuck with Moore, signed Garrard, and drafted Tannehill. None are very exciting at this stage in the game. We'll see. I personally am not a big Tannehill fan. Their CB and S depth was not fixed. It was horrendous last year and they didn't do anything to solve it.

BEST MOVE: Signing Tannehill. I know it's controversial, but let him ride the pine for a season or two, get better with the Philbin being a mentor for Aaron Rodgers.

WORST MOVE: Not firing the GM (and owner). The front office was horrific. They traded away Marshall but didn't replace him, didn't get any O-line help for Colombo, didn't get a good TE, didn't fix CB and S depth, and in general were rather inept.

PREDICTION: 8-8. They can't do any worse than last year, can they?

New England Patriots: I know you will accuse me of homerism, but us Patriots fans have had the best offseason in the last decade. Every hole imaginable was plugged. O-line depth? Robert Gallery. TE depth after the SB? Daniel Fells. Deep-threat WR? Brandon Lloyd and Stallworth? Competition for Deion Branch? Chad Ocho restructured his contract and we signed Jabar Gaffney. Law Firm replacement? Joseph Addai and FB Larsen. Playmakers on D? Chandler Jones, Dont'a Hightower. D-line depth? Bequette, Fanene. LB depth? Trevor Scott, Bobby Carpenter. DB depth? Nate Ebner, Alfonzo Dennard, Steve Gregory, Tavon Wilson. We also have Ras-I Dowling and Koppen coming back from injury. Welker franchised. Not to mention that outside of Mark Anderson and BJGE, we kept every member of our Super Bowl team on the squad with a few million in cap space to spare and without trading away any future draft picks. C'mon, you wish your FO was this good.

BEST MOVE: Getting Hightower and Jones. Our defense is going to go from sub-par to solid this year and coupled with a much deeper and multi-faceted offense (lloyd, Gaffney).

WORST MOVE: Don't have one. I'd have to say I'm most worried about RB and O-tackle depth with BJGE gone and Light retiring.

Prediction: I refuse to jinx the team with a 16-0 prediction so I'll go with 15-1. Did I mention that we have the easiest strength-of-schedule? AFC East Champion.

I know you will disagree with the above blurb, and I welcome your critique of the Patriots offseason.

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