Do You Trust The Jets' Front Office?

There's a split in the fan base. There are passionate arguments that the Jets have a better record under the current tenure than just about any time in their history, that the Jets made good moves this year given the resources they had and what was available, that a good season is to be expected, and that the Front Office should be fully supported.There are equally passioned, reasoned arguments from dedicated, experienced fans that the Jets Front Office is a lost cause, that a failed season is probable, and that this would at least have the virtue of forcing Johnson to clean house.

On the one hand, it seems the height of pretension that some Jet fans think they know better than the team. The Jets are a $1Billion organization filled with experienced, dedicated professionals with far more information on players and tactics than any fan. On the other hand, it is perfectly legitimate for a fan to question the team's management, its priorities and its strategy in acquiring players and coaches. That's what analysts do. After the jump is is a list of issues that are points of controversy. Its usually the case that individual fans either take a positive or negative view on just about all of them.

1) The Budget

Pros: Tannenbaum is an expert at managing the cap and the Jets have been able to add premium players every year.

Cons: Tannenbaum's accounting expertise is overrated, managing the cap isn't rocket science, and certain big guaranteed contracts have put the Jets in a dire situation.

2) The Draft

Pros: Tannenbaum has a good record in the draft as evidenced by certain objective analysts, Forbes Magazine for one, that put the Jets drafting record at near the top of the NFL. Trading up has led to the acquisition of key players and should be commended. This year is an example of the Jets getting the most out of what they had.

Cons: Since the Revis draft, the Jets drafting record has mostly been weak. Furthermore, the trading up strategy has left the Jets too thin. This year's draft is a boom or bust prospect.

3) Addressing Weak Positions

Pros: Yes, the Jets are weak at certain positions, FS, OLB and especially RT, but every team has weaknesses - just look at the Patriots. It was smart by the Jets not to reach for a RT or FS in the offseason, simply because there were no reasonable options available.

Cons: These positions have been weaknesses for years, the argument that no upgrades were available is invalid, and some of these weaknesses are so glaring that they absolutely needed to be addressed.

4) Tebow

Pros: All he does is win. Seriously though, from a football perspective this is perfectly defensible. The wildcat received a major upgrade, something the team lacked last year. Plus, if Sanchez does get injured or otherwise fails, the team has a better chance of winning more games with Tebow than with Drew Stanton. Great addition for just a 4th Rd pick and change.

Cons: Tebow isn't any good in the first place. Denver put him out to open bid, and not one single team wanted him as a starting QB. He's just a lousy passer. But besides that, the Jets had to know that in taking Tebow on, it was turning up the media volume several notches on a team that was already the loudest in the NFL. The media is fed by controversy, and, led by certain zealots like Skip Bayless, they will be all over this team's QB position if the team loses some early games. Plus, Tebow brings with him an army of devoted followers, many of whom know little of football and even less about the Jets. The acquisition of Tebow is a prime example of the Jets having motives other than football.

5) Character

Pros: The team is to be commended for taking the players with the most talent. Winning is all that matters, and winning is about having the most talent.

Cons: Well, just about every former player and coach does think things like character and leadership matter. The Jets take players like Cromartie, Holmes, Burress and Landry which other teams avoid, and have not addressed a lack of leadership on the field.

6) Rex Ryan

Pros: This is one of the best coaches the Jets have every had and is on the forefront of defensive strategy. He is also an excellent motivator, his brash talk mirrors his positive thinking and is genuine. The addition of a well-positioned OC should fill the gap in Jets' leadership.

Cons: Although an excellent defensive coach, Ryan has not shown the inclination to grow into a full HC role, something the team needs since Tannenbaum is not a football guy, either. Their offense has suffered for it. His bombast is getting old, and he makes mistakes by his constant praise of players and his constant guarantees. Just like his dad, great DC, bad HC.

7) The Record

Pros: This is one of the best stretches the Jets have ever had. 4 playoff wins, I mean c'mon, these complainers should just shut up. Last year, they challenged for the AFC East until late in the year, and there's every reason they will do it again.

Cons: Yes, they have won 4 playoff games, but they wouldn't have been in the playoffs at all in 2009 if the Colts had actually played, and they barely made it in the next year. Last year, they didn't beat anybody and weren't even close to the Patriots. The trend is not good, and the team didn't upgrade as much as other teams.

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