Now I may be biased towards Braylon and I know this is an old subject but reading everyones comments and concerns I have formed my own personal opinion. I believe it would be smart to bring him back IF HEALTHY. Now before you jump down my throat hear me out for a bit.

Braylon has expressed his love for the jets organization and you never heard of any problems on the field and in the locker room. Did he slip up and make a dumb decision while he was with us? Yes. However I think the lack of interest in him would bring him back down to reality. So here is my logic on why I believe Braylon would be a great signing for us if he is healthy:

Fan base- We all know Woody loves selling tickets and jersey's, and as you can see here Braylon has a pretty loyal fan base and that would fill his pockets and who knows, maybe he will finally lower those damn PSL's.

Loyalty- Have you guys ever once heard Braylon bad mouth a coach? A player? Anyone in the organization for that matter. The fact that he still would open his arms to the jets speaks volumes (tweeted me the other day). Granted, he would take any job he could get right now, but if you remember he laughed at a buffalo fan when they suggested joining them.

Chemistry- Mark is low right now, he needs that guy he can trust and quite honestly Braylons the only guy I have ever seen Mark just chuck the ball up to and let him go get it. (aside from the denver game to santonio last year)

Deep threat- While I love the Stephen Hill pick lets call it like it is, he has A LOT of question marks with his hands being one of them.

Stephen Hill- As I mentioned he would provide insurance if Hill were not ready to go. With Rex proclaiming him the starter what if he is not ready for the New York spotlight just yet? Having Braylon would ease some of that pressure and let Hill have a smooth transition into the offense.

Downfield blocking- We are saying we are going back to the ground and pound philosophy. Name me another WR that we have ever had that blocks better than Braylon. His mindset is what we are looking for in our renewed offense.

Leadership- You never heard any Jet player or coach say anything negative about Braylon's leadership. How quick everyone is to forget that he demanded the ball in the colts game and everyone seemed to trust him or else we would not have called the play in the first place. In a locker room that is damaged, we need a familiar face and leader. Also he and Holmes seemed to love each other and play off each other, they were always the first to celebrate with one another after a big play. Think he wouldn't have something to say if Santonio acted up again?

Chip on his shoulder- Everyone in the NFL is very prideful (aside from Gholston), especially Braylon, but he has had to swallow his pride a bit by not being signed yet by any team. You think he is not going to try to prove those doubters wrong for a new contract?


Injury Concerns- This one is obvious for many reasons. Do we know how healthy he is? Is his knee going to heal up? Will he put together a full season? These are questions that need to be answered.

Off the field- He is probably one slip up away from a long suspension, if he is with us and playing well, how much would it hurt us to lose him? Will he learn from his past mistakes? I think so, but no one can ever know for sure except himself.

As you can see I have a strong opinion and I have tried to keep my bias's aside for the sake of argument. I believe the positives far outweigh the negatives. Like crack repeatedly say's, the more weapons, the better. If we don't at least give him a look we will be going against our own philosophy of ground a pound. Braylon in my eyes defined what it was like to play like a Jet dragging those two Patriot players into the endzone. Will he physically be able to do that again? Who knows, time will tell... But I think its time we kick the tires and try and get Braylon back to not only make the fanbase happy, but the organization as well. Here's to Braylon hopefully being back in Green and White.

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