Random thoughts about the upcoming season

It's getting to the slow time of year. Draft is over, and the news will just trickle in for what seems like an eternity. I figured I would amuse myself with things that make little to no sense in the NFL this year.

1. David Gerrard was a starter for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He went to the pro bowl in 2010. The Jags drafted Blaine Gabbert in 2011. Gerrard was cut and sat out football the following year. He was signed by the Miami Dolphins in March. The Dolphins just draft Ryan Tannehill. Dolphins say they want Tannehill to be a starter as soon as possible. This means that there are 3 quarterbacks on the team, and the one that made a pro bowl in his last football appearance could be 2nd or 3rd string QB on a garbage team. How does that happen?

2. The Dolphins had to make room for 2 new quarterbacks so they got rid of Chad Henne. Henne caught a job in Jacksonville. The other 2 quarterbacks are Dan Lefevour and Blaine Gabbert. He could possibly be the worst quarterback on the Dolphins, but the best quarterback on the Jags, and he won't be a starter there either.

3. The New Orleans Saints will enter the season without their head coach. They will also be without the head coach replacing the head coach while he serves an 8 game suspension. Who is the 3rd string coach of the New Orleans Saints?

4. Warren Sapp came out on Twitter and blamed Jeremy Shockey for telling on the Saints and starting the whole bounty scandal. It later came out that it was an assistant that had been fired from the team. Warren Sapp has not come out on Twitter to say anything about his former statement.

5. The NFL team with the worst conduct. The Cincinatti Bengals? The Dalls Cowboys? The Pittsburgh Steelers? Nope! The NFL team with the worst history of player misconduct is the Minnesota Vikings with a whopping 29 players arrested since 2000. If you want to go last 3 years it's the Tampa Bay Bucs with 14 followed by those Vikings with 13. Who may lead the season this year is St Louis. Jenoris Jenkins might take the player conduct prize by storm in a one man show.

6. Doug Martin the running back from Boise State ran through a glass door on purpose. He was a semi professional freeze tag player as a teenager....nah, but seriously, he did run through a door on purpose. If Trent Richardson gets 1300 yards, Doug Martin could wind up getting 13001. He's a maniac with the best nickname "Muscle Hamster".

7. Every team Takeo Spikes has ever played on has missed the playoffs. Not only that, when he leaves the team, they make the playoffs. Most recently with the Bengals and 49ers. He is on the San Diego Chargers last year, and this upcoming season. I won't worry about them as a division winner or wild card team.

8. WR Jerome Simpson got a 1 year $2 million dollar contract with the Vikings. This is after he was arrested for having more than 8 pounds of marijuana in his possesion. 2 1/2 pounds were mailed to him through the post office. Braylon Edwards still doesn't have a deal, and the knock on him is that he can be disruptive?

9. Steven HIl is 6'4 205 lbs and runs a 4.31. Chaz Schillens is 6'4 230 lbs and runs a 4.33. One is "loaded with potential and talent", the other is "injury prone" and still trying to make a name for himself. Why do I feel like this is a before and after picture of the same guy? Hill trained with a number of wide receivers with Vinny Testeverde throwing to him before the draft. Testeverde was the one that initially started saying Hill is the real deal.

10. The Jets brought in rookie free agents, and extended a few tryouts. Punter was a weak point as TJ Conley was in the bottom of the league punting. The Jets signed Josh Brown a kicker to compete with Nick Folk. TJ Conley currently has no competition.

Just a couple things that I think. Some I know to be true, and others I just think about. Incidentally, the Pittsburgh Steelers punter Daniel Sepulveda is still unsigned. He is in his 5th year. He increased his punting average every year for 4 straight years from 42.4 to 46.1 last year as well as net average. Maybe TJ Conley has been made Consigliere on special teams, and his position is guaranteed by the don Woody Johnson.

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