Diggin Dunbar Diggin the 46

New Jets DL coach Karl Dunbar has no need for Viagra. At least not while he's talking about his new defensive line and 46 fronts. A lot of us have speculated that the addition of Dunbar is indicative of a philisophical shift to the use of more 40 fronts [since Dunbar was formerly the DL coach of the recent great lines of the Vikings]. Apparently, according to Dunbar, those speculations are warrented. A recent article by Jenny Vrentas all but says as much.

"We’re going to play a lot of that 46 defense," Dunbar said with a grin. "You get in that 46 defense, you’re going to get a lot of one-on-one blocks, and when we put athletic guys on the field, bad things happen for the offense."

Preach it coach. PREACH!!! I am not in need of Viagra either. The more I hear from this coach, the more me likey. Oh but wait, there's more...

He can’t wait to coach it here with the Jets, particularly because he feels like it’s a perfect fit for their personnel.

Their selection of Quinton Coples, a defensive end out of North Carolina, 16th overall, may allow them to use even more fronts with four down linemen. Dunbar pointed out that the Jets often used four-down fronts last year, but outside linebackers Calvin Pace and Aaron Maybin were at the ends. Now, Coples can be on the edge, with Pouha, Kenrick Ellis or Muhammad Wilkerson inside, he said.

BOING!!! Oh but wait, there's more...

Dunbar continued to explain: "It’s attack, it’s getting up the field, we’re not holding blocks. Every man for himself, we’re going to get to the quarterback."

Dunbar explained that the "bear front" associated with the 46 defense gives offenses fits because the offensive linemen have to block defenders one on one, instead of double teaming or zone blocking. Passes come out more quickly as a result, and if the opponent does look to throw deep, Dunbar said the Jets have an advantage because of their two elite cornerbacks.

Dunbar believes Coples is "an awesome fit" for the 46 defense. He said Coples could line up as a "3-technique," which is over the outside shoulder of the guard, or as a defensive end. He also sees Coples used as a "wide nine," a pure pass-rushing spot outside the tight end.

OK. So I'm officially excited for the upcoming season and its only May. What the heck am I supposed to do now? I'm really looking forward to seeing Coples play. I fully believe that the kid is going to be a stud in our defense, and I can't put into words how fantastic it is to see our coaching staff salivating at the opportunity to mold him. Between Rex and Dunbar and the 46, having guys with the talent and athleticism of Coples, Wilkerson and Ellis has our defensive line poised to be special for years to come. I can't even imagine the havoc that all that size and athleticism can cause with all the exotic blitzes Rex can scheme up and with Maybin threatening the edge. Oh my GOD if Laron Landry stays healthy and Demario Davis pans out.

I'm really diggin the addition of this Dunbar fella. I'm diggin it all the way to China.
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