Catching Up With David Harris and Darrelle Revis

Monday afternoon Jenny Vrentas, Jets beat writer for the Star-Ledger caught up with David Harris and Darrelle Revis at Harris' golf tournament. The tournament benefits Give The Kids Hope Foundation. Here are some highlights that she tweeted.

On Rex so far this offseason:

Harris + Revis have seen more actively involved Rex Ryan. Revis said @ end of last yr Rex "did fade off a little bit" in daily coaching
Revis: "Maybe he thought he put more trust in the coaching staff, and seeing that it kind of hurt us last year, maybe, a little bit."
Revis said Rex thought locker-room problems were a "done deal" and realized at the end of the season they weren't.
Revis met with Rex after season. "It's not him being ignorant ... sometimes you might need somebody to come shake you up."

On the defense:

Harris is embracing "one step faster" on defense by watching what he's eating. He's down 4 lbs and targeting low 240s.
Harris said Pettine's "dinosaur-ish" assessment of the defense could be seen on film.
Harris also guesses the Jets will use more 4-3 fronts after adding Coples, but he deferred to the coaches b/c he said he's not sure.

On offseason moves:

Harris said everybody knows what Tebow can do. "He beat us singlehandedly, so we’ve seen it up close and personal."
Harris never doubted Bart Scott would be back. "I knew he wasn't going anywhere. He's looking great. He lost 12 lbs already."

I found a lot of this very interesting and I think there is a decent amount we can take from these quotes:

1. A more involved head coach is a good thing on a team that has leadership issues. We'll see how that goes.

2. I am glad to hear that Bart Scott has lost 12 pounds already. Hopefully we will see a faster, more athletic Bart Scott who can contribute a lot this year. I am cautiously optimistic about that. I love the fact that the whole defense seems to be buying into the "one step faster" plan for this year.

3. I am glad that David Harris thinks we will be using more 4 man fronts this year. Not that it's a surprise, just happy to hear it because our personel is definitely geared more towards 4-3

4. David Harris seems to have a lot of respect Tebow as a football player. I don't share that respect. Nonetheless, your move Sanchez. Show us all why it's your team and take the city from that ugly kid



(^^ That picture was taken from great website, pretty funny)

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