Ranking the New York Jets Drafts from (2000-2010)

At first, I was going to compare the 2006 and 2007 drafts and see what everyone thought was the better draft. Then, I had the idea to rank every draft from 2000-2010 (there is not enough time to fairly judge last year's draft) in order from best to worst. Why only from 2000? Simply because if I ranked every draft the Jets had ever had: 1) It would take too long. 2) It wouldn't be accurate (I am only 21 years young, and I've been a Jets fan since 2000). Actually, to all of you "rec zonas" out there, I will rec your comment if you can guess what game was the first I saw of the Jets, that had me hooked as a fan :).

However, with further ado, Here's my best attempt at ranking the Drafts that the Jets have had since 2000.

1) 2007 Draft



This draft was short on quantity, but definitely long on quality (what successful Tannenbaum draft isn't? haha). The Jets only drafted 4 players, but 2 of them have turned out to be stars. One of them, being possibly the best player at his position ever, when its all said and done and he retires. Yes, I'm talking about Mr. Darrelle Revis. The other star from this draft is David Harris, and he is a very underrated linebacker, yet one of the best in the league today. The Jets drafted Jacob Bender in the 6th, and got a good value out of Chansi Stuckey in the 7th.

Draft Grade (out of 10): 10.

2) 2006 Draft



This draft was defined by anchoring our offensive line in the first round for many years to come, and picking up great value later on in the draft. We picked up D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold in the first round. Brick is a top 5 LT, and Mangold is far and away the best Center in the league. Our 2nd and 3rd rounds in this draft were lackluster, picking up Kellen Clemens, Anthony Schlegel, and Eric Smith (which has at least been a starter, albeit not a good one). However, we hit on both of our 4th round picks. We picked up Brad Smith and Leon Washington, who were both versatile and became great values. They could have even turned out better if someone had utilized them correctly (ahem, Schotty). However, both great values. Rounds 5-7 is not much to get excited about, drafting Jason Pociask, Drew Coleman and Titus Adams. However, we were able to come out of this draft with 2 stars, and 2 solid players.

JUST FOR KICKS: Who would win in a fight? Nick or his sister, Holley?



Draft Grade (out of 10): 9.5

3) 2000 Draft



I had a hard time deciding whether or not this draft was better than the 2006 draft, but had to give it to the 2006 draft by just a hair. This was another very successful draft for the jets. In the first round, they picked up two bookends to their d-line in Shaun Ellis, and John Abraham, Chad Pennington, and Anthony Becht (Remember when our d-line used to spell Ferguson. Ellis. Abraham. Robertson?) Ellis and Abraham turned out to be stars. Chad Pennington, our future starting QB, was the ultimate game manager, and one of the most accurate and smartest QBs in the league. Unfortunately he had the worst luck in the world, and got hurt plenty of times, which really put a damper on his career, and multiple Jets seasons in the mid 2000's. Anthony Becht was a bust of a first round pick. I'm not sure if Chad Pennington would be considered worthy of his first round pick, but he was still a good player. We hit it big in the 3rd round, picking up Laveraneus Coles. He became a very good receiver for many years for the Jets. Rounds 5-7 were had nothing to get excited about, picking up Windrell Hayes, Tony Scott, and Richard Seals.

Draft Grade (out of 10): 9.45

4) 2004 Draft



This was a decent draft. We picked up one of the best young LBs in the league in the first round in Jonathan Vilma, whose departure from the Jets is a head-scratcher, even today (He may not have been as effective in the 3-4, but was still able to manage to register over 100 tackles in the scheme). The Jets missed in the 3rd round, picking up Derrick Strait. However, they hit it big in the 4th round, picking up Jerricho Cotchery, who became a very reliable, tough receiver for the Jets for many years. The only other pick worth mentioning from this draft is our 5th round pick Erik Coleman, who became a decent player for the Jets, providing good value in that round.

Draft Grade (out of 10): 7

5) 2005 Draft



Another decent draft, and was also difficult to decide whether or not to rank it ahead of the 2004 draft. The Jets made a head-scratcher of a move, picking up Mike Nugent, a kicker, in the second round. However, the Jets were able to pick up Justin Miller in the second round. While Miller did not become the corner that many had hoped, he became the best special teams player on the team. He made plenty of tackles on kickoffs and punts, and he was for a while, the best returner in the league. He was all in all, a decent pick. In the third round, the Jets picked up Sione Pouha, who has turned out to be a beast of a DT for the Jets. He's a great runstopper, and definitely provides great value. The Jets picked up Kerry Rhodes in the fourth round, also providing great value. Kerry Rhodes had a couple of great years with the Jets, but ultimately did not fulfill his potential, apparently being too "hollywood", and too much of a wimp for Rex to handle. However, he provide a couple of great years for the Jets, and was definitely worth that pick. The other picks are not much worth talking about.

Draft Grade (out of 10): 6.5

6) 2009 Draft



In the first round, we picked up Mark Sanchez. Although, very inconsistent, he has shown flashes of brilliances and the Jets have gone to two AFC Championships while he's been here. In the third, we picked up Shonn Greene, who has turned out to be a decent starter for us. However, many of us are still waiting to see him be a more consistent bruiser. In the sixth round, we picked up Matt Slauson, who provides great value and is currently our starting LG.

Note: this draft may become one of our best, but that really depends on how well Sanchez continues to develop, so this draft grade could definitely change, even as soon as this season.

Draft Grade (out of 10): 6

7) 2001 Draft



In the first round, we were able to pick up Santana Moss, who became a great receiver and although traded to the Redskins, had some good seasons with the Jets. In the second round, we picked up Lamont Jordan, who became a decent backup to Curtis Martin. In the third round, the Jets picked up Kareem McKenzie, who became a pretty good OT for the Jets. Provides great value.

Draft Grade (out of 10): 5.5

8) 2002 Draft



This draft provided no stars, only a couple of starters. In the first round, we picked up Bryan Thomas, who has become a solid starter, nothing less, nothing more. Could be considered a bust of a first round pick though. In the second round, we picked up Jon McGraw, who became a decent starting safety for the Jets. In the third round, the Jets picked up Chris Baker, who became a decent tight end. No-one else worth mentioning. Nothing to really be excited about this draft, but produced a couple of solid players.

Draft Grade (out of 10): 5

9) 2008 Draft



This draft provided 1 star, 1 decent depth player, and 1 HUGE bust. First round pick Dustin Keller has turned into a great player at the Tight End position. Fourth round pick Dwight Lowery was a decent depth player, and could have been our starting safety last year, had we not gotten rid of them. And First round pick Vernon Gholston turned out to be a bust, and could not even earn time on the field. The other players aren't worth talking about. Dustin Keller is the only player in this draft saving the class of being the worst out of this bunch.

Draft Grade (out of 10): 4.5

10) 2010 Draft



Much like the 2009 draft, the verdict is still out on this draft class. 1st round pick Kyle Wilson has turned himself into a decent corner. Second round pick Vlad Ducasse, at this point has been a bust. Fourth round pick Joe McKnight has become a good returner, but has yet to show much as a running back. Fifth round pick John Conner has turned into a decent fullback. However, if all of these players develop more, and fulfill their potential, this could be one of the Jets better drafts.

Draft Grade (out of 10): 4

11) 2003 Draft



There is nothing to like about this draft at all. First round pick Dewayne Robertson was a bust. Second round pick Victor Hobson turned out to be a decent linebacker, at best. Third round pick B.J. Askew turned out to be a decent fullback at best. Sixth round pick Brooks Bollinger played 11 games in 2005 when Chad Pennington got injured, but played horribly. In my opinion, this draft is the worst out of this bunch.

Draft Grade (out of 10): 2

I'd love to know your guys opinions on which draft has been the best Jets draft ever. Is it one on this list, or one from the previous years?

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