Is Mark Sanchez Underrated, or is Joe Flacco Overrated?



Well, football is pretty slow right now, and I can't wait for the season to start. However, at this moment, the list of "NFL top 100 players" is in the midst of being revealed to the public, ten players at a time. It wasn't until last night, when it was revealed that Joe Flacco made the list, that I was wondering if Mark Sanchez is Underrated, or Joe Flacco is Overrated. Now I know, even the sight of seeing Tebow on the list and not Sanchez has to make one wonder. However, I can understand if players think that Tebow is a better football player than Sanchez, because Tebow brings so much to the table. I certainly don't agree with it, but I can understand it. However, Joe Flacco was voted number 74 on the list, and Sanchez isn't even on it at all? That had me start questioning the validity of the list. Certainly, Sanchez should AT LEAST be able to crack himself into one of the remaining 25 spots (75-100)Joe Flacco, was voted number 74 on the list.

I've always believed that Mark Sanchez and Joe Flacco were two very comparable QBs. I feel like, statistically at least, they are very similar. I'm not going to bore you by stating Sanchez's improvement each year, because that is common knowledge around here. Rather, I am going to compare Sanchez's and Flacco's stats from this previous season, in order to look into who is a better QB RIGHT NOW.

Joe Flacco's 2011 Stats

Completions 312

Attempts 542

Completion % 57.6

Yards 3,610

Passing TDs 20

Ints 12

Fumbles 11

Rating 80.9

Rushing Attempts 39

Rushing Yards 88

Rushing Touchdowns 1

Mark Sanchez's 2011 Stats

Completions 308

Attempts 543

Completion % 56.7

Yards 3,474

Passing TDs 26

Ints 18

Fumbles 10

Rating 78.2

Rushing Attempts 37

Rushing Yards 103

Rushing Touchdowns 6

As you can see, Mark Sanchez and Joe Flacco have very comparable stats. Sanchez only threw one more pass than Flacco last year. Flacco threw close to 150 more yards than Sanchez. However, Sanchez accounted for 32 touchdowns, while Flacco only accounted for 21. Sanchez accounted for 28 turnovers, while Flacco only accounted for 23. However, Flacco has more turnovers than he does touchdowns, while Sanchez has vice versa. Their QB ratings are very close.

In my opinion, I think Sanchez had the better season than Flacco. From looking at the stats, it seems like Sanchez was more feast-or-famine, but was able to accomplish more with his touches than Flacco. However, arguments could be made for either side, but I think AT THE VERY LEAST, you can say that Sanchez and Flacco are on close to equal playing levels right now.

So if the QBs are very comparable, then why is Flacco on the list, and Sanchez not? Is it because Sanchez is Underrated, or Flacco is Overrated? To be honest, I think it's a little bit of both. I don't think Flacco is as good as many people think he is, and I don't think Sanchez is as bad as many people think he is. I feel like Sanchez gets unfairly and overly-scrutinized, mainly because he is in New York and people are watching his every move. I feel like Flacco gets undeserved praise because he's surrounded by the likes of Rice, Boldin, Lewis, Reed, Suggs, Ngata, and Coach Harbaugh, and because the Ravens have always been a no-nonsense, and have made the playoffs every year that Flacco has been in the league. I know that Flacco wants everyone to believe he is a top 5 QB, but he has to prove it first, before people should think he's anywhere close to that.

So, I ask your opinion, is Mark Sanchez Underrated, or is Joe Flacco Overrated? Should either be on the list at all?

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