Why we won't get a #1

I want to start by saying that in no means I’m a good writer. As a matter of fact I’m probably a bad writer. I just want to express the way I feel about our Wr situation.

It’s been discussed over this offseason the need for the Jets to pick up a #1 receiver. However how many #1 receivers are there really in the league? Looking through all 32 NFL teams I counted 5 #1’s with 2 guys to be future #1’s within a couple of years and 5 guys you can question. Here is my list of #1’s in no order with 2011 stats (catches, yards, Td’s)

Larry Fitzgerald 80 1411 8

Andre Johnson 33 492 2 (missed 9 games)

Calvin Johnson 96 1681 16

Roddy White 100 1296 8

Greg Jennings 67 949 9

The 2 future #1’s are

A.J. Green 65 1057 7

Demariyus Thomas 32 551 4

The one I see are debatable are

Steve Smith 79 1394 7

Vincent Jackson 60 1106 9

Brandon Marshall 81 1214 6

Dez Bryant 63 928 9

Dwayne Bowe 81 1159 5

But as we all know, numbers don’t say anything

The biggest debate is why is someone considered a #1. The way I feel is that your #1 is a guy that is going to do everything as a receiver. He’s got to be able to command double teams all game long (unless he’s stuck on RevisIsland). He has to be able to go deep to open up the rest of the field. He has to be able to go across the middle get smacked by Ray Lewis and pop right back up. He has to be a guy that you know when the Qb throws it up to him he’s coming down with it. He’s got to be able to do something with the ball.

Now a lot of people say that Holmes can be a #1 with other receivers on the team that will open up the field for him. Let’s take a look at Calvin Johnson for a minute. The Lions would be nothing without him. They have no running game and a weak offensive line. Yet because of Calvin they have one of the highest scoring offenses in the league. He commands double and triple teams every play and still makes plays. And when he’s not making plays, other guys are getting open because the defense is concentrating on big #81.

In reality few teams will end up with #1’s and it’s the FO job to get receivers that will compliment the team, like Braylon and Santonio together. We need to be realistic and know we aren’t going to get a #1 receiver and we should focus on getting receivers that work well with our system.

Thoughts anyone?

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