2012 Roster and Position Battle Preview

This offseason and preseason, as with any season, will be full of intriguing position battles. The Jets have a multitude of talented young players but a limited amount of roster spots. The draft has brought in a bumper crop of talent, which will unfortunately displace some talented players from the roster. In the 127 days until the start of the season, these battles are probably the most significant thing we have to follow. Everyone will have there own opinion. I've compiled a list of definite players and the open spots to be taken. Some spots are nailed down. Revis, Mangold, Sanchez and Tebow will make the roster. Duh. Some spots will be filled, but the player filling them is undetermined, like the third quarterback spot or the fourth and fifth cornerback spot. Finally, the final few roster spots will be filled by the most talented or useful player available. See this list after the jump.


Running Backs(4)

Offensive Linemen(8)

Tight Ends(2)

Wide Receivers(5)




Defensive Line(6)

Long Snapper:

  • Open Spot W


  • Open Spot V


Competitors for Definite Spots:

A: G.J. Kinnie(Rookie), Greg Mcelroy

B: John Conner, Bilal Powell, Josh Baker

E&F (Offensive Tackle):Vlad Ducasse, Austin Howard, Robert T. Griffin(Rookie), John Cullen(Rookie), Frederick Koloto(Rookie)

G(Guard or Center): Kris O'Dowd, Robert T. Griffin, Vlad Ducasse, Caleb Schlauderaff

J: Jeff Cumberland, Brian Linthicum(Rookie), Hayden Smith(Rookie)

L: Jordan White(Rookie), Patrick Turner, Scotty McKnight, Logan Payne, Eron Riley

N,O: Ryan Steed(Rookie), D'Anton Lynn(Rookie), Donnie Fletcher(Rookie),Isaiah Trufant

P: Josh Mauga, Marcus Dowtin(Rookie),Bryan Thomas, Garrett McIntyre, Ricky Sapp, Nick Bellore, Donovan Robinson(Rookie), Brett Roy(Rookie)

S: Jay Richardson, Ropati Pitoitua, Marcus Dixon, Martin Tevaseu, Damon Harrison(Rookie)

V: Brody McKnight(Rookie), Nick Folk, James Brown

W: Tanner Purdum, Derek Chard(Rookie)

Total definite players: 46

Open Spots: 7

My Picks:

A: G.J Kinnie

B: Bilal Powell

C: John Conner

E: Vlad Ducasse

F: Austin Howard

G: Fredrick Koloto

H: Caleb Schlauderaff

I: Robert T. Griffin

J: Brian Linthicum

L: Jordan White

N: Donnie Fletcher

O: Ryan Steed

P: Josh Mauga

Q: Garrett McIntyre

R: Marcus Dowtin, Bryan Thomas

S: Martin Tevaseu

T: Marcus Dixon

U: Damon Harrison

V: Nick Folk

Eight Man Practice Squad:

Hayden Smith,Josh Baker, John Cullen, Ricky Sapp, Nick Bellore, Brett Roy, Jeff Cumberland, D'Anton Lynn

Maybe you disagree about my picks. Maybe you think there will be more linebackers or less running backs. Maybe I missed a player. Post your comments below of who you think will win these spots.

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