Caeden's top 15 non-QB players in the NFL

DISCLAIMER: This is all personal opinion. I am not an expert, nor a genius. Feel free to offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. That doesn't mean "_____ should be higher, and _____ should be lower." It means "____should be higher because and _____ should be lower because."

also, please read the bottom before commenting.

1. Darrelle Revis.

The most dominant player at any given position, there isn't even a close second to Darrelle Revis at the CB position. Capable of shutting down even the league's best receivers (see Johnson, C.) with ease, Revis instills fear into even the best quarterbacks and receivers. He's truly a special talent.

2. Calvin Johnson

Without a doubt the bets wide receiver in the league. The prototypical wide receiver, Johnson is capable of just about anything (except beating Darrelle Revis)

3. Demarcus Ware

A dominating pass rushing force, Demarcus Ware instills fear into any tackle he goes up against. An absolute MONSTER of a man.

4. Adrian Peterson

I might get some flak for posting him this high, but in my opinion, he's THE best RB in the league. Sure, he didn't lead the league in rushing, but look at that O line! He's an absolute monster, with a rare combination of power, speed, elusiveness, and just about everything else you want in a running back.

5. Jared Allen

A legitimate viking, Allen came within .5 a sack of breaking the sack record. Just short of Demarcus Ware in the pass rushing category.

6. Terrell Suggs

Best linebacker in the league, in my opinion. Cornerstone of one of the top defenses, too.

7. Larry Fitzgerald

Definitely the second best wide receiver in this league, he's capable of destroying a secondary. He can make catches in double, sometimes even triple coverage.

8. Ed reed

Ed Reed is a hall of fame safety, a true ballhawk. Currently the best safety in the league. He's this high because he's unarguably the best at his position, a position that's becoming more and more important with the new breed of tight ends emerging.

9. T - Joe Thomas, Jake Long

I couldn't decide which LT is better, so there's a tie right here.

10. Haloti Ngata

Another anchor of the feared Raven's defense, Ngata is the best nose tackle in today's game.

11. Ray Lewis

One of the best MLB in history, Ray Lewis is nothing short of a beast. Although he's getting old, he's still very deserving of this spot. He's instilled fear into many an offense over the years. (Yes, i love the Ravens defense)

12. Mario Williams

Only this low because he's on the Bills, Mario Williams is both a premier run stuffer and pass rusher.

13. Patrick WIllis

Second best LB in the league, in my opinion. Anchor of the 49ers defense, which was in, like, the top 3 last year.

14. Andre Johson

the third best WR in the league, Johnson is a threat whenever he has the ball.

15. Nick Mangold

Our very own Thor, he's the best center in the league.

16. Vernon Gholston.



A few explanations: only one running back made the list because i feel the position's value has decreased astronomically. I know this is a cliche...But it's a passing league now. "No premier run stuffers?", you ask? As teams are airing it out more, I believe a pass rush is THE most important part of a defense, thus the influx of pass rushers into the list. "So many Ravens!" you say. Well, I think the Ravens have the best defense in the league, with some of the best players in the league on it. As a result, they're on this list. "Only 6 offensive players?" I value defense over offense, for no specific reason. JPP was not included, as I consider him somewhat of a one-year wonder.

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