2012 Draft redo

Now that the draft is over we can all go back and look at the picks and say man we should have taken this guy instead. Here is IMO what the Jets should have done with the draft given the board and the trades that were made.

Actual Pick @ 16 Quinton Coples

My Pick @ 16 Melvin Ingram

I love the Coples pick, Ill start with that, however IMO Ingram has just as much talent and would have filled a bigger need.

Actual pick @ 43 Stephen Hill

My Pick @ 43 Stephen Hill

Love this pick. Hill is the exact type of receiver this team needs. He has the size to be dominant in the red zone and the speed to open up the field for the rest of our offense. And the most underrated part of Hill's game is his run blocking. He is coming from a triple option offense to a ground and pound offense. He is going to help this offense in so many ways, I love it.

Actual pick @ 77 Demario Davis

My pick @ 77 Ronnell Lewis

Again I really like this pick by the Jets. I think Davis is going to play a major role on defense, either being a 3-4 Ilb or a 4-3 Olb, and on special teams. However I would have liked to get a pass rusher here. It has been this teams weak link for too many years now and I feel Lewis would have helped that problem.

Actual pick @ 187 Josh Bush

My pick @ 187 Markelle Martin

Not too high on Bush here, ecspecially with a guy like Martin on the board. Many people had Martin as a 2-3 round prospect. The fact that he fell to the 6th means that he probably isn't completly recovered from his injury. But in the 6th round I would definantly take a flyer on a guy who talent alone was a top FS in this draft.

Actual pick @ 202 Terrance Ganaway

My Pick @ 202 Terrance Ganaway

I, unlike Tanny, Don't have too much faith in Bilall Powell. Ganaway has the size and talent to be a great compliment to Greene and Mcknight.

Actual pick @ 203 Robert Griffin

My pick @ 203 Robert Griffin

Ill be honest, I didn't know much about this Robert Griffin, and when I first saw the pick I thought it was a bad pick. But since they made the pick iv'e read up on him and watched some tape on him and i'm starting to like the pick more and more. The only other player I would have thought about taking in this position was Drew Butler, P Georgia.

Actual pick @ 242 Antonio Allen

My pick @ 242 Antonio Allen

I had Allen as a 4th round prospect. To get him in the 7th is great. He can play ST this year and take over for Landry at SS next year.

Actual Pick @ 244 Jordan White

My pick @ 244 Jordan White

STEAL OF THE DRAFT!!!! I have been saying this for months, Jordan White will be a dominant player in the NFL. Nuf said.

So to wrap it up my draft would be

Melvin Ingram

Stephen Hill

Ronnell Lewis

Markelle Martin

Terrance Ganaway

Robert Griffin

Antonio Allen

Jordan White

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