JNYETS wrote a cool peice on the best 25 players of 2012. Thats not exactly easy to do because you are forced to weigh the values of certain positions a little more heavily than others. Example- QB vs OT, you're almost always going to take the QB.

So id like to take it a step further and make my own personal all pro team that does not discriminate based on position.

QB- Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers

i dont care what anybody says, this guy is the real deal and i'd take him over Brady, Rodgers, Brees, whomever.

RB1- MJD- Jacksonville Jaguars

This guy never stops and never quits. Accounting for 300% of the Jaguars offense, MJD is the definition of a workhorse and bruiser.

RB2- LeSean McCoy-

Fast, Strong, Explosive. So after MJD wears the D down, McCoy comes in and runs circles around everybody.

WR1- Megatron- Detroit Lions

Leader of the Decepticons, this is one bad-ass mofo. He can transform into a Jet and huge Laser Gun.

WR2- Steve Smith- Carolina Panthers

I've always liked Steve Smith. Unfortunately hes been rotting away in Carolina for the past few years under horrible QB's like Jimmy Clausen. Now with Cam running the show he's back to form and dominating.

WR3(slot)- Victor Cruz- New York Giants

Take that SioneBAAOOOHA! lok jk. C'mon i dont like the guy but he's really good and hes better than Welker.

TE- Rob Gronkowski- New England Patsies

Yup, There is no stopping this man. Ive seen him drag helpless safties, cb's and even Lb's for miles without coming down. His injury is most likely the only thing that kept the Patriots from winning the Super Bowl.


Nick mangold

Ben grubbs

Joe Thomas

Jake long

Sebastian Volmer

Wayne Hunter - Yup


Navarro Bowman

Curtis Loftin

Demarcus Ware

hubbah hubbah hubbah.


Jared Allen

Jason Pierre Paul


Vince Wilfork

Haloti Ngata


Eric Weddle (i absolutely love this guy)

Adrian Wilson

Bernard Pollard


Darrelle Revis- (loud applause)

Joe Haden- my 2nd favorite corner in the league. Love this guy which is why i wanted cleveland to grab Claiborne to pair with.

Brandon Flowers- (another one of my Favorites)


Offensive Coordinator-

Sean Payton- HC New Orleans Saints

Hes the most aggresive play caller in the game and i'd love him to lead this kind of offense.

Defensive Coordinator

Dick leBeau - Pittsburgh Steelers

HOF easily.

Head Coach-

Rex Ryan- New York Jets (LOUD APPLAUSE)

Sexy Rexy's prediction of winning the Super Bowl will finally come through with this team.

This was my all-pro team from 2012.

I got extremely lazy after the offensive players list so i stopped explaining myself. Props to all the writers on this site. This is hard work.

Keep all Logic away from this post. It is purely for fun. thanks for reading.

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