A diehard fan's reaction to Tim Tebow and the Jets' 2012 Draft

Hey! I hope all of you Jets fans that are reading this have been enjoying the offseason as much as I have. I will cut to the chase for the sake of time. There are certain players and positions I want to discuss, and I plan on talking about my feelings towards the player and/or position both positive and negative

TIM TEBOW- The Jets signing Tebow obviously ignited a media frenzy. I have heard numerous reporters, bloggers, and NFL fans talk about how the Jets did it to boost their publicity and tone down the press coverage on the Giants, especially since they won the superbowl. I disagree. I think the Jets got Tebow for three reasons. 1. The kid knows how to win. 2. The Patriots will have had trouble stopping him (imagine if they don't have all game to analyze how the Jets will be using him.) 3. *most importantly, Tebow is going to be a quasi-Brad Smith. I'm going out on a limb here to say that Tebow will exceed Brad Smith's performance while behind the center. I think Sanchez is going to benefit from Tebows use, just like he did with Brad Smith. Bringing Brad Smith in gave teams a new look, gave the Jets more options in terms of play calling, and kept teams off guard. Tebow coming the game, to me, is very scary. Tebow running the ball with John Connor is a guaranteed 1st down if the yardage is anything less than three yards. Remember when Shotty would call spread formations on third and two and throw the ball? Put Tebow in on the wildcat and let Jesus' fuel kickstart his engine to Graceland. I am calling it now, but the Jets acquisition of Tebow will be revered and their usage of him (especially with Sparano) will make teams think twice about not picking him up. The ONLY thing I worry is that Sanchez may slightly underperform, thinking that Tebow will come in and get the starting job. I don't think Tebow will ever be the 'starting' quarterback for the Jets per se, I do think he may be used more in some games then others, but it was clear to me after watching the playoffs that a quarterback like him should be used in Moderation, and if he is, he can be scary. Keep in mind, Tebow did all of his heroics with a bruised up body. Seeing him fling around 245 pounds of fresh, angry god-ridden brama bull will be very fun and very humiliating to the hooded-cheater Belicheck.

COPLES- It is really heartbreaking to see so many people caught up in what the media and uniformed, lackadaisical reporters have to say about this kid. They all say he took off his senior year. Well, let me tell you. I go to college at Clemson University, we are in the ACC, so is North Carolina. North Carolina had so many coaching changes last year that the program basically became defunct; it was in disrepair. The kid did not want to risk his amazingly bright future for an organization that kicked out the one coach who changed their program around. If anything, I admire this kind of loyalty. Moreover, look at this kids highlights. Has anybody seen this kids play and watched with detail? The fact that he owned the way he did in the senior bowl is a testament to how great this kid can be. It is SCARY to think of the Jets switching to a 4-3, with Devito and Pouha at DT, and Wilkerson and Coples at DE. The potential is limitless. Also, i'm excited to see if Kenrick Ellis can perform next year. I think a year of conditioning and learning the speed of the NFL could have benefitted him immensely and I am excited to see what he has to bring to the Table.

-also, I think Coples is a lot more scary than Chandler Jones. Watching Coples play every position on the D-Line says a lot about his football prowess. When this kid wants to play, he will. He didn't want to play for his college; his school disgraced the team and turned him off by getting rid of his head coach. Plus, they made him switch positions and utilized him much differently during his senior year. It frustrates me a lot when people just repeat what they hear and don't take into account the whole context. (I'm already drooling about Coples putting Brady out for the season)

STEPHEN HILL- an obvious great move by the Jets. His highlight film would have been so much more impressive if his quarterback could throw the ball. Hill was constantly under thrown, not to mention his team never even threw the ball. This kid is going to come in and is going to be a big player maker. Most importantly, he is an ANIMAL when it comes to blocking. His team ran the option, and this cat blocked very well. This is really important, especially for a team that will be running the option with Tebow and running the ball a lot in general. It also makes me think, with Kerley, perhaps Santonio isn't needed. I think if Hill performs like he can, the Jets will be fine with Schillens, Kerley, and this kid. However, I really do love Santonio and it is obvious how good he can be. Kerley, Holmes and Hill at the top of their game is a GREAT receiving core.

DEMARIO DAVIS- This kid I really couldn't find much tape on. One thing I did notice was his tenacity and ability to find the ball. Also, I think he was the strongest linebacker in the draft, and that surely doesn't hurt. My favorite thing about this kid is that he can run fast-- this is the kind of player that we need to go back in coverage. Hopefully, this guy will help us out down the line and will perform on special teams too. Also, this kid could eventually be the replacement for Bart Scott. I like Bart Scott, I like the passion he brings to the defense, but lets face it... he can't cover and he is getting old. Let this kid come in on third down, especially because if the team runs the ball, it seems he has a natural apt for finding the ball and making plays.

JORDAN WHITE- this kid is the steal of the draft. I was watching Western Michigan play a bowl game with my dad this winter, and watching this kid made me feel like a child all over again, I was giddy-giddying. I strongly suggest that you check this guy out-- he can catch ANYTHING. I really really really really like this kid, and if he can perform the way I think he will, the Jets can get rid of Holmes who seems to be a stigma as of late. The Jets should give this kid a chance. He broke all sorts of records at WMU, and I think he had almost 2 thousand yards receiving his last year playing. I hope I am right with this kid, because watching him on TV was truly amazing and a humbling experience. When I saw the Jets got this kid, I could not believe it. It was like a long forgotten wet dream.

-Hill, Holmes, Kerley, and this cat together on the same receiving corpse is thought-provoking and makes me feel so excited that I gotta create these draft players in Madden and just revel in their gloriousness

last few comments: I like the big running back that the Jets got from Baylor, Terrence Ganaway. More ground and pound, and furthermore, a big back to bull house when Shonn Greene is banged up and since McKnight can't be used in short yardage. Greene gets banged up a lot-- this will help keep him fresh, help keep us pounding the ball, and help the other teams defense get broken down.

I heard good things about safety Antonio Allen-- I am not a big fan of South Carolina, but I'll give this kid a try. I'm slightly dissapointed that the Jets have not picked up a stud free safety. Laron Landry is going to be fun to watch, but we REALLY need a BIG safety to cover animals like Gronkowski and Hernandez. PERHAPS we can get Demario Davis to cover those big guys. Plus, it helps that Antonio Allen is 6'2, 205 pounds. He was also used as a sort of hybrid Strong Safety/ Linebacker, which could fit perfectly into covering Gronkowski (who by the way, after watching a few interviews of him, is one of the most unintelligent football players I have ever heard).

Last but not least, it breaks my heart that we haven't gotten a right tackle. Did our coaching staff/management not see the way that Wayne Hunter performed? I know this feeling is commonplace on GGN, but really!?!?!? REALLY???? We need a right tackle so badly!! What good is Stephen Hill going to do if Sanchez is still getting hit all the time? I could go on another rant here, but for anyone who claims that Sanchez sucks, look at his statistics when he was hit almost half as less (2009,2010) and compare them to 2011. This, added with mixing Brad Smith in (which Tebow will do), aided Sanchez and helped mix the defense up. If we can get a good right tackle, somehow, before the draft, or if Ducasse can miraculously become a good right tackle, the Jets will go to the Superbowl next year. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts. Rock on!

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