The Late Round Picks

Disclaimer: I'm trying to do a serious post and i'm not really good at writing, so i warn you if you are expecting great literature, go somewhere else.

When i heard that the Jets traded for Tim Tebow, i was upset for 2 reasons; 1) We really didn't need another distraction in the shape of a backup Quarterback and 2) We gave up a 4th and 6th round pick.

Besides for the fact that i believed that giving up anything for Tebow was over paying, the fact that we gave up these picks was upsetting. The Jets have drafted pretty well in the later rounds (lets say 4-7, since those are the rounds picked on Saturday) since Rex has become coach.

Since i have to get past this jump thingy, we'll do it now.

Even though it is a limited sample size (3 years) and a small number of picks (7 in all) The Jets have had reasonable success in the later rounds. Since 09, the Jets have drafted 3 starters late in the draft; Matt Slauson, Guard ('09 6th round), John Conner, Fullback ('10, 5th round) and Jeremy Kerley, Wide Reciever ('11, 5th round). Also picked late were Joe Mcknight, a 4th rounder in 2010 is our #2 running back who had the best Kick Return Avg for in the AFC, and a QB who can be very interesting in the future in Greg McElroy (7th round last year).

Discount Scotty McKnight, a late 7th rounder last year who's friendship with Sanchez might have been the only reason he was drafted instead of a UFA, and you got a pretty nice haul. Of course, none of these players are pro bowlers yet, but Slauson is an above avg Gaurd who probably had the best year of any member of the Jets OL in my opinion, and Kerley is looking like Cotchery 2.0 with great punt returning abilities. Conner is a decent Fullback,our run game seems better whenever he's in, and maybe Bilal Powell (4th round last yearcan show some promise in the future and raise this embarrassing stat line.

So, what am i trying to say? The Jets have 7 late round picks this year; A 5th, 3 6th's and 3 7th rounders. As shown above, we've been pretty good at getting value in those rounds since '09, is it that crazy to think that we can fill some needs with these picks? Especially with our success in these rounds and the fact that we have as many of these picks as we've had the last 3 years combined. I'm not expecting a starting saftey or a wr, but depth at these positions is something we definitely need.

I'm not really a draft expert, so if anyone has any suggestions for people to target with our many picks, feel free to put post (or is it comment?) them below.

Thank you for reading this hastily put together piece.

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