Revis, Trent Richardson, trade for #3 Pick and Vikings

This is not a breaking news, sorry if it seems that way. It is a scenario that I see brewing. A problem that is growing exponentially with ego every day, a salary cap that is not made of rubber, and a hall of fame type running back all converging at a single point in tonight's NFL draft. These are quotes from Darrelle Revis in the past week or so.
"I just don't know" he told reporters at a big brothers big sisters even in Manhattan. I'm not saying I am going to hold out, I'm not saying I'm not going to hold out" He also mentions in his mini interview "My agent's going to do the best for me and try to do what's best for me. It's my career, and I'm in control of what I can do. I know I'm under contract, and we'll hash that out when the time comes". Last memorable thing he said in the same interview "If anything does happen in the future of me being here or whatever, I have two years left. So if it's for my future to be here, then it is. If it's not, for me to be somewhere else, then it is"

Never have I heard him say he'd like to retire a Jet. Never have I heard him say he loves this team. Never have I heard him say he prefers New York. Never has he said the team is important, and he would try to take less to stay. What he has said is me, me and me. My agent and me, my best interests. If he holds out this off season, it will make an unprecedented third time in his young career. Three times! The last not even 2 years ago.

Yesterday multiple stories came up about the Jets inquiring about Trent Richardson and a trade with the Vikings. This was preceded by reports that the Vikings were possible trade partners for Sanchez. I think there is another possibility. The Vikings who were mulling between a cornerback and an offensive tackle could be the answer to a blockbuster riddle.

When do you trade away a franchise, hall of fame cornerback? When he keeps demanding more money or he sits out every other year holding you hostage. More importantly you trade him for a potential hall of fame running back for a ground based team. That's right. The Jets could be maneuvering to trade Revis to the Vikings for their 1st round #3 pick.

He is only 26 and 2 years into a deal he signed less than 2 years ago. I can almost bet money that he's on the verge of holding out again for one of the 100 million dollar deals that Mario Williams and Calvin Johnson just got. I'm getting tired of his selfishness, and his constant distractions. To pay him a $100 million deal for 5 or 6 years is irresponsible, I don't care if he's the best. He is giving us the hints right now, he is setting us up for failure. With another hold out as he holds the ransom note that the Jets are forced to pay.

What do the 85 Bears have in common with the 2000 Ravens, or even the current Steelers teams? None of those teams needed the best cornerback despite having the best defense around. All they had have is dominant defensive line play, and or dominant linebacker play. History has shown the past 2 decades that you don't need a top 3 cornerback to make it to a Superbowl (Exceptions being Charles Woodson, and maybe a few others). You do need good corner play and good defensive back play, but you don't need to spend a hundred million dollars to keep a guy that is the biggest distraction on a team that was laced with them.

The Jets could be (at least I hope they are) in the works to trade him to the Vikings. It works for the Vikings because they already need a cornerback, and they can get the best in the NFL to help combat the Lions and Calvin Johnson, and the Packers spread attack. He is also under contract for only 6 million this season, so its not a stretch for Minnesota. If he only cares about the money, which I believe he does at this point, he can waive any clauses against trade, and the Vikings can give him a new big time contract and he can play out of the AFC for the rest of his life.

The Jets trade Revis to the Vikings, and in return get pick #3 in the 1st round, maybe a 2nd rounder, and a sliding scale pick in 2013 based on Revis performance or snaps played. Maybe two 1st rounders and a 2rd or 3rd rounder in the end. Maybe more, maybe less. Here's what they do with it.

Hypothetically they could draft Trent Richardson with the 3rd pick of the draft and he can hold down the running back spot for a decade. They keep the 16th pick and can use it to draft Dre Kirckpatrick, a pass rusher, or an offensive tackle. Assuming they get an additional pick in the 2nd or 3rd round they coud trade up and get another pass rusher or offensive lineman. They can move Kyle Wilson into a starting role, and keep Cromartie, with Kirkpatrick as the young gun.

1st round #3Richardson

1st round #16 Dre Kirkpatrick, Whitney Mercilus, Courtney Upshaw, Jonathan Martin, or Reilly Reiff

2nd round (pick 1) Nick Perry, or Vinny Curry

Round round (pick 2) Bobbie Massie

This is just my idea, and I have absolutely no facts to back it up. I just think Revis is the potential to be a big problem until he is making $16 million a year, every year which is absurd. There is no better time to get rid of him. He is talented, and the undisputed #1 corneback in football, but he is the biggest distraction on a team trying to shed distractions. Imagine Revis netting you Richardson, Kirkpatrick, Massie, and Perry or Curry. Not to mention you still have the other picks in rounds 5-7 for depth. That's not to mention the $15 or $16 million you save by not having this headache every other season. You could also get an additional early round pick next year. More money, better players, bigger pass rush, and still a hall of fame type of talent.

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