Brick's Jets Draft

I feel that the Jets will make trades come draft day, however no one knows when or where those trades will be made. Therefore, I'm giving my final mock without any trades.

1st Round pick -

Quentin Coples De UNC

Coples is an animal when he wants to play. He can be play anywhere in the front 7. For more info on Coples check Crack's post on him

2nd Round pick -

Vinny Curry DE Marshall

Curry can make an impact day 1. He will be a very good pass rusher in the NFL. This could be a huge steal at 47.

Wyatt wrote a great piece on Curry check it out here.

3rd round pick -

Markelle Martin S Oklahoma State

Martin's stock is falling due to a knee injury but IMO is the best FS in this draft. He also has the ability to play SS if Landry isn't back in 2013.

5th Round pick -

Levy Adcock

Adcock has 2nd round potential and can start at RT this year when Hunter doesn't perform well. He has some injury concerns and that's why he falls down to the 5th.

6th round -

Tauren Poole Rb Tennessee

I don't know much about Poole but I feel we will take him in the late rounds. I dont think the FO has much faith in Powell.

6th round -

Vontaze Burfict LB Arizona St

OK so this might be a little contreversal becasue Burfict was awful at the combine and even worse at his pro day. The kid has serious attitude problems but can be the biggest steal of the 2012 draft. He has the football talent to be a good player but he has to be mentally in the game. There is a reason that before the combine he was considered a 1st round pick. IMO Rex can get this kid to play every down. He can take over for Bart next year as an ILB. And worst case scenerio is we gave up our 6th round comp pick for a guy that doesn;t make the team. IMO its worth the pick, low risk - high reward.

6th round -

Lucas Nix OG Pitt

Nix provides good depth and can groom behind Moore this year and step in to start if Moore or Slaussen aren't back in 2013

7th round -

Bryan Anger P Cal

Punter is a huge need for this team and Anger is the best one in this draft.

7th round -

Jordan White Wr Western Mi

I love Jordan White, he put up huge numbers every year in college. White is a stud and will be a great #2 receiver for many years. Check out the piece I wrote on him.

7th Round -

D'anton Lynn Cb Penn St

The FO likes to give its 7th round pick to someone in the orginazation to make. Last year it was Sanchez taking his boy Scotty Mcknight. This year Anthony Lynn takes his kid. TC body but hopefully turns out to be more.

I also believe that we are going to resign Braylon and be back in the playoffs this year.

Go Jets!!!!

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