Quinton Coples: THAT Guy

DE Quinton Coples NFL Pro Day Highlights (via ENCBACKYARDBALLERS)

Quinton Coples vs Virginia Tech 2011 (via JMPasq)

6-6, 284, 4.7 forty, 33.25 reach
2011: 55 tackles, 15 TFL, 7.5 sacks, 3 FF 2010: 59 tackles, 15.5 TFL, 10 sacks, 2 FF

This guy oozes talent. It just drips off him. Guys that big and that long aren't supposed to be able to move like that. He's like a big cat. He changes direction with such ease that he's almost impossible to block. But its all set up by his strength, length and leverage. He has the power to absolutely overwhelm the man in front of him. But when that guy drops anchor and braces against the force that Coples generates, the big cat quickly changes the equation and shifts directions, throwing the leverage all out of whack.

Coples is the type of player that has the ability to summon greatness. He has the ability to turn it on and just decide that he won't be blocked. He has the talent and ability to impose his will. One... two... three guys won't stop him. It'll maybe slow him down. But it won't stop him if he doesn't want it to. That, folks, is special. I like watching the gutty underdog scratch and claw his way to repsectablity as much as the next guy. But nothing... NOTHING... is better than watching a superior athlete imposing his will on a game. Coples has the ability to be THAT GUY.

That guy you just hope against hope decides he's not interested that day, for whatever reason. That bear that you hope keeps hibernating. The godzilla you hope is content encrusted beneath the surface of the earth. The Kraken you hope remains in the deep, dark unknown. That guy you don't talk to during the game because you have no idea what might set him off. You just keep congratulating him on a good effort and keep helping him up off the turf whenever you can. Anything... ANYTHING... to keep the beast from awakening. Yeah, Coples is THAT guy.

Imagine Rex with THAT guy. THAT guy that he can line up at stronggside OLB on early downs, then transition him down to 34 DE on passing downs, then stick him at 43 DE whenever he damn well feels like it. He can move that guy around from the left side to the right. 43 DE to 34 OLB to 34 DE. THAT guy that he can rev up and carve and craft and mold into greatness. THAT guy. That guy thats just unapologetically, unremorsefully, mercilessly dominant. Imagine him in a 30 front at DE with Maybin flashing off his flank. Imagine Rex with THAT guy. Watch Rex watching THAT guy right before his eyes, and imagining all the possibilities, and trying to hide the electricity in the air. Watch him watching him, leaning forward, whispering sharply to a nearby colleague... Watch him watching THAT guy and positioning himself right at the finish line of one of those drills. They say Rex took over the workout and put THAT guy through some linebacker drills too. I wonder what Rex thinks when he's thinking about THAT guy.

Some say THAT guy is lazy. That he won't play hard. Maybe they're right, but I don't see it. I see a guy that can make you kneel whenever he feels like it. I see a guy that says tattoos are for wussies without having to actually say a single word. When I look at Quinton Coples, I see THAT guy.
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