Modified Jets Intrest List

Jets insider Jake Stienberg did a good job posting his Jets Intrest List but reading it left me confused so I went thru the list and decided to re-list only the players that they have brought in for a workout or players the Jets worked out personally at there pro days. It works out the the Jets have brought in atleast 60 players 15-DBs; 15-D-Lineman & Linebackers; 10-O-Lineman; 1-QB; 7-RB/FB; 2-TE; & 10-WRs.

Breaking Down 1st Round -

Top 10 - DE/OLB Melvin Ingram (South Carolina) 6-2, 264

1st - WR Michael Floyd (Notre Dame) 6-3, 220

1st - DE/OLB? Quinton Coples (UNC) 6-6, 284

1st - DT/DE Michael Brockers (LSU) 6-6, 306

1st - OT Jonathan Martin (Stanford) 6-5, 322

1st - OT/OG Cordy Glenn (Georgia) 6-2, 345

1st - WR Kendall Wright (Baylor) 5-10, 196

1st-2nd - DE/OLB Chandler Jones (Syracuse) 6-5, 266

1st-2nd - DT/DE DT Kendall Reyes (UConn) 6-4, 299

1st-2nd - DE/OLB Andre Branch (Clemson) 6-4, 259

1st-2nd - WR Rueben Randle (LSU) 6-3, 210

1st-2nd - WR Stephen Hill (Georgia Tech) 6-4, 215

Lookin at the first round I am now under the influence that either the Jets draft an O-Lineman or trade down. With Melvin Ingram and Floyd who I belive will both be off the board I'd see either Coples, Brockers and Martin as the most likly prospects at 16. In a trade down senario they could go with any of the 1st-2nd round rated guys and a chance to get someother prospects in later rounds. The biggest ? is Kendall Wright, I dont see where the intrest falls where as we have Santonio Holmes who is built similar and at least we know can make a game winning catch.

Round 2 -

2nd - WR Mohamed Sanu (Rutgers) 6-2, 211

2nd - DE/OLB Bruce Irvin (West Virginia) 6-3, 245

2nd - CB Jayron Hosley (Virginia Tech) 5-10, 178

2nd - SS Harrison Smith (Notre Dame) 6-2, 213

2nd - OT Bobby Massie (Mississippi) 6-6, 316

2nd - WR Alshon Jeffery (South Carolina) 6-3, 216

2nd - TE Dwayne Allen (Clemson University) 6-3, 289

2nd-3rd - DE/OLB Ronnell Lewis (Oklahoma) 6-2, 253

2nd-3rd - OT/OG Brandon Brooks (Miami University) 6-5, 346

2nd-3rd - CB Trumaine Johnson (Montana) 6-2, 204

2nd-3rd - C Ben Jones (Georgia) 6-2, 303

2nd-3rd - LB Zach Brown (UNC) 6-1, 244

2nd-3rd - WR Chris Givens (Wake Forest) 5-11, 198

Lookin at the 2nd round all seem like good prospects except me personally am not a fan of Trumaine Johnson, tho I dont understand Jayron Hosly as our CB depth is loaded and again dont know whats with Givens as we need to add size to our WR core.

Round 3

3rd - RB Robert Turbin (Utah State) 5-10, 222

3rd-4th - CB/SS Brandon Taylor (LSU) 5-11, 209

3rd-4th - TE Orson Charles (Georgia) 6-3, 251

3rd-4th - CB/FS/SS Josh Norman (Coastal Carolina) 6-0, 197

3rd-4th - FS Trenton Robinson (Michigan State) 5-10, 195

In round 3 I love Norman as a prospect hes played CB, FS & SS in College while getting most his snaps at CB he is a guy Rex can move all around the secondary. Also Inrestingly we've only worked out 2 TEs, 1 was a 2nd round prospect the other a 3rd to 4th maybe the Jets look into what they can get from Keller on Draft day instead of paying him.

Round 4 & 5

4th-5th - SS Antonio Allen (South Carolina) 6-2, 210

5th - DE/OLB Jake Bequette (Arkansas) 6-5, 274

5th - RB Terrance Ganaway (Baylor) 6-0, 241

5th - FB/HB Evan Rodriguez (Temple) 6-1, 239

5th-6th - OG Andrew Tiller (Syracuse) 6-4, 324

5th-6th - OT/OG Ronald Leary (Memphis) 6-3, 315

Rounds 6, 7, & Undrafted Free Agents

6th-7th DB Jerron McMillian (Maine) 5-11, 203

6th-7th WR Toney Clemons (Colorado) 6-2, 210

6th-7th FS Josh Bush (Wake Forest) 5-11, 205

6th-7th CB Omar Bolden ‏ (Arizona State) 5-10, 202

6th-7th DT/OLB Josue Ortiz (Harvard) 6-4, 257

6th-7th RB Michael Smith (Utah State) 5-9, 207

7th-UDFA - SS Jose Gumbs (Monmouth University) 5-10, 210

7th-UDFA - WR Tony Logan (Maryland) 5-10, 193

7th-UDFA - S Trevor Coston (Maine) 5-10, 210

7th-UDFA - OT/OG Robert T. Griffin (Baylor) 6-6, 336

7th-UDFA - FB Joe Martinek (Rutgers) 5-11, 221

7th-UDFA - LB Tahir Whitehead (Temple) 6-2, 237

7th-UDFA - OT Jeff Adams (Columbia) 6-6, 306

7th-UDFA - RB Adonis Thomas (Toledo) 5-9, 185

7th-UDFA - RB Stephfon Green (Penn State) 5-9, 204

7th-UDFA - OT/OG Joe Long (Wayne State) 6-5, 308

7th-UDFA - DT/OLB Justin Francis (Rutgers) 6-2, 268

7th-UDFA - QB Dan Di Lella (Albany) 6-5, 232

UDFA - S Chad Faulcon (Montclair State) 5-11, 200

UDFA - CB/SS Jeremiah Brown (Wagner College) 6-1 205

UDFA - CB/S Cashas Pollard (Northwestern State) 5-10, 192

UDFA - LB Julian Stanford (Wagner College) 6-2, 225

UDFA - LB Cameron Collins (Oregon State) 6-2, 230

UDFA - WR Jeremy Ebert (Northwestern) 5-11, 200

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