My Final Mock of the Year ( Well Sort Of )

This post is not really a mock but more of a BPA list of players for all of our upcoming pick . Over the last few months i have gone through numerous scouting reports , watch hours of game tape and devised many different draft plans to help maximise the talent we could potentiality get this year . After this weekend we will have some new players on our team and will be better able to judge our chances going into a new season .

This is my final draft plan , the one that i think can bring us the most talent and value for the picks we have . I have included 2 trades in this plan , one with the Browns and the other with the Rams .

1st round pick 16

I don't see great value here at 16. I think Ingram , Couples , Richardson ,Reiff and Kuechly are all off the board so i trade back

Trade : Browns give us 22 and 67 for the 16th pick

1st round pick 22 . Players available

Mercilus , Perry , Branch , Adams , Glenn , Hightower . My pick : Mercilus.

I think any of thos players are good value at 22 and all of them should be available . I picked Mercilus because i think he has great pass rush ability and could flourish under Rex Ryan .

Trade : We give picks 47 and 77 to the Rams for picks 39 and 96

So good 1st round talent falls out of the 1st round so we trade back up .

2nd round pick 39 . Players available

Jeffery , Massie , Curry ,Jones, Lewis , Irvin. My pick : Jeffery

Another spot in the draft with great talent where any one of those guys could improve the team . I went with Jeffery because i think he will be a future star and fill a big need . But any of those guys would be a great pick .

3rd round pick 67 . Players available

Martin , Polk , Quick ,Wolfe, Saunders , Toon , My pick : Martin

I go with Martin here because he fills a big hole for the team . Polk would also be a great pick up at this spot

4th round pick 96

Turbin , Massaquai , Bequette, Kaddu , Datko , Potter . My pick : Turbin

I go with Turbin here because he is the plaayer here with the mose upside . Any of the 3 pass rushers would give us nice depth at that area but ground & pound wins out here .

5th round

Adcock , Robinson , Nix , Posey , Reynolds , Poole . My pick : Adcock

Adcock falls to us here and we gladly accept . He has massive versatility and a very good upside . He was a 2nd/3rd round pick earlier in the year so this is a steal .

6th round

Hardin , Guy jr , Kerse , Anger , Burris , Law , Miller My 3 picks : Hardin , Anger , Burris

We get a future starter in Hardin . He can be a great ST plaayer for us straight away and adds depth at the FS position behind Martin , Anger should easily win the starting job from T J and Burris adds nice depth to our to our OLB group

7th round

Leary , Williams , Bulluck , Edwards , Moye , My 3 picks : Leary, Williams, Edwards

Leary gives us good O-line depth along with Edwards . Williams is a guy who could take over from Bart Scott next year if he recovers well from his injury .

So there you have it folks . I tried to find value, fill needs , get us some starters and find guys with potential that adds depth to our team . Feel free to comment .

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