My Draft as GM; Hidden Gem: UCLA WR Nelson Rosario

First and foremost I wanted to apologize for my tirade a month ago after Tim Tebow was traded to the Jets. I know that no one hear probably even cares about it, but I didn't feel like it would be right for me to post if I didn't apologize for that unnecessary post. I am not really sure what to think of that move, but maybe Tebow will provide that much needed push for Sanchez.

Back to business. This mock is more for the players that I would like to target with our picks and not so much trying to guess who is going to pick who and then making the Jets selection. I was thinking about the draft and I thought about what my ideal draft would be if I were Mr.T. There are three scenarios I would like to happen in the first round: 1) Riley Reiff falls to the Jets 2)Melvin Ingram Falls to the Jets or 3) The Jets trade back because neither Ingram or Reiff are available. I would love to draft Reiff with our 1st pick and if we got him I would want to draft an OLB in the 2nd round.

My OLB targets for the 2nd round would be: (in this order) 1. Vinny Curry 2a. Shea McClellin 2b. Zach Brown 3. Lavonte David 4. Bruce Irvin. With that said, I think that if we wanted Curry, McClellin, or David we would need to trade up in the 2nd. I REAAAAALLLYY want Curry on this team. One of the knocks on him is that people don't think he shows burst off of the line. I 100% disagree with that assessment. I think he shows more explosion then anyone else in this draft besides Bruce Irvin. Curry is big enough to play the position (6'3 265 pounds) and he can cover, and most importantly he may possibly have the best pass rushing skills in this draft. In my guestimations we would need to trade ahead of Miami in order to pick him. Meaning that we need to trade into the 33-41 range. The team that I think we would most likely to deal with is the Panthers (we've had previous draft day trades with them that worked out for both sides and it's only a 7 pick difference.)

The point total for the secound round picks is: CAR-510 pts, NYJ-430. If we were to give them our 2nd (47th) and 3rd round (77th) picks for their 2nd (40th), their 4th (104th; worth 86 points) and 6th round picks (180th worth 19.4 points). That puts the total at NYJ 635 and CAR 615.4 points making a 19.6 point difference in Carolina's favor. It is a win-win because although we are giving up our 3rd, we can still get a play maker at 40th, but we are also getting a 4th round pick back and a 6th giving us 7 non compensatory picks. (1,2,4,5,6,6,7).

So right now the draft would look like this: 16 OT Riley Reiff, 40. DE/OLB Vinny Curry

With the 4th round pick we would be looking at FS Janzen Jackson, WR Joe Adams, HB Robert Turbin, or FS Trent Robinson. I think that when it comes down to it, the pick will be between Jackson and Adams. I think that Rex is more likely to covet Jackson.

In the 5th round I can see us looking at: Arkansas State OLB Demario Davis, OT Matt McCants, OT Levy Adcock, and Oregon State Safety Brandon Hardin. In the end, if it came down to these four I would choose Hardin. He ran a 4.3 at his pro day and he is projected 6-7th round because of a shoulder injury. At the very least he would be a solid special team contributor and he knows how to lay the law. If Hardin is given a year or two to develop I think he could be a steal in the 5th round. His scouting report from mixed with his 4.3 40 at his pro day is encouraging.

Huge Hit Oregon State vs USC (via jvett2000)

I believe that all of these players are not only filling needs, but they are the BPA as well. With that said I want to take a look at the first 6th round pick which in this draft is UCLA WR Nelson Rosario. Rosario is 6'5 225 pounds, 10 1/4' hands. The guy has massive hands, and it shows in his film as well.

One handed Catch by UCLA's Nelson Rosario vs Oregon Ducks (via DarrenDineroTV)

UH vs UCLA 2011 - Nelson Rosario highlight catch (via ThatdudeinHouston)

Nelson Rosario (via bruinsnation1)

Nelson Rosario WR UCLA, 2012 Hidden Gems-Vol (via DraftNasty357Sports)

In those clips he not only showed how big his hands were, but how strong they were as well. The guy can make big plays, he has the build to be an effective run blocker. One of the knocks on him is that he does not have great speed to stretch the field but he is good when the ball is in the air. His pro day numbers won't blow you away but what really matters to me here is the fact that he can play the ball in the air. With his height it gives Sanchez a red zone target and could prove to be effective. I think that he has got the potential to be a poor man's version of Braylon Edwards but a little more consistent. At round 6 he would be a good late round WR to take.

We've all heard of the late round WR steals and I think that Rosario could be one of them. In a very mediocre offense at UCLA he managed to put up 64 receptions, 1161 yrads, and 5 TD's. For some reason UCLA did not exploit Rosario's height in the red zone but I think he would prove to be effective with us.

For the rest of the draft I got the 2nd 6th round pick with University of Georgia Punter Drew Butler. With the two 6th round compensation picks we choose Vanderbilt DE/OLB Tim Fugger. I was really impressed by his highlights. He got to the QB quick and has a knack for stripping the ball. And with the second comp pick we select Michigan University Center David Molk.

Vanderbilt Highlights vs. Arkansas - Oct. 29, 2011 (via vucommodores)

Then in the 7th we draft University of Georgia Kicker Blair Walsh, and with the compensation pick we choose ILB Vontaze Burfict.

Here are the end results

1st University of Iowa OT Riley Reiff

2nd Marshall University DE/OLB Vinny Curry

4th McNeese State Free Safety Janzen Jackson

5th- OSU Safety Brandon Hardin

6th- UCLA WR Nelson Rosario

6th University of Georgia Punter Drew Butler

6th (comp) Vanderbilt DE/OLB Tim Fugger

6th (comp) University of Michigan Center David Molk

7th University of Georgia Kicker Blair Walsh

7th (comp) ASU ILB Vontaze Burfict

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