Jets Future Has Stormy Waters Ahead

Green Beer( sorry don't speak spanish ) did a fanshot the other day about our cap for the 2013 season that caused me great concern . As i stands at the moment we are already at $130m cap next year . I decide to investigate the bones of this and what i found doesn't make pretty reading .

Firstly in 2013 our exact cap figure is $130,877,365 and we still have to add our rookie contracts from this year and next year to that figure .

Secondly there are only 31 players signed that make up the $130,877,365 . That means we need an additional 24 players plus any players we cut to make up our roster .

The 12 top paid guys next season are;

Harris 13m

Sanchez 12.85m

Holmes 12.5m

Pace 11.57m

Cromartie 10.75m

Ferguson 10.71m

Mangold 9.12m

Revis 9m

Scott 8.65m

Pouha 6.17m

Hunter 4m

Smith 3m

TOTAL 111m ( approx )

Now we are starting to see the problem . 111m for 12 players is WAY to much money to invest . Yes we can cut guy , restructure guys etc , etc but how much will that save us ?

Cutting Smith , Hunter ,Scott and Pace save us 26m ( approx ) with 4.5m in dead money . But now we have 8 players costing us 85m leaving 45m to to spend on 47 players . Not looking good is it ?

How much money can we save by restructuring some of those contracts ? Well we can't really restructue Revis , Ferguson or Pouha so that leaves 5 guy from the list we could ask . I 'm not going to project what we could save but i doubt it will be over 15-20m .

We also have another problem .Revis ( our #1 CB ) is due to earn 1.75m less than Cromartie . Will Revis just accept this or want more money ? I can see another holdout coming here if Revis doesn't get a big increase to at least match or exceed what Cromartie iis getting paid so that increases our cap figure again .

Keller ,Landry and DeVito are all FA next year and none will be cheap to bring back . Can we afford them? Would we be better off getting something for Keller and DeVito this year by trading either of them away and getting cheaper replacements for them in the draft ?

We also have Brandon Moore , Shonn Greene , Matt Slauson , Ropati Pitoitua , Tanner Purdum Jeff Cumberland and Marcus Dixon who are also FA 's next year . How many of these guys can we afford ?

Finally we have to take into account that players like Tebow , Wilson , Wilkerson etc could have clauses in their contract that could give them pay increases like Green and Keller received this year .

We always hear how Tanny is a magician at keeping us under the cap but next year he will have serious work to do . Was extending Sanchez really that wise ?

In conclusion , i think our team will have serious trouble signiing any FA's next year including our own FA's back. How do you think our future looks now ? Still wanna trade up ? Wanna keep Keller ?

Mike T has ruined our future and the peak years of our best players . I expect a very different looking roster in 2013 where we will have to replace good players with average guys just to keep us under the cap . Mike T has played with fire for to long and in 2013 he will get burned . I can't see a future for this team the way he is running this franchise . And the sad thing is we are past the point of fixing it . This is going to happen and i take absolutely no pleasure in saying it .

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