About us. An introduction to the GGN family.

After reading FBmom's post, JETS 101, I got an idea. There's such a variety of people that visit this blog, from different backgrounds and walks of life, people who've experienced so much.

I think it'd be a great idea if everyone could post a little "about me" in the comments, where we could all get to know each other better. I got positive feedback on the idea, so here it goes.

Here's mine, after the jump.

My name's Caeden. Born and raised (kinda) in Madison, Wisconsin. After that i went on a short moving-spree, where I went from Iowa, to Albany, to Georgia, and now to my little town of Warwick, NY. My life was fairly normal till about 3rd grade, when i was diagnosed with Bipolar, ADHD, depression, and just about every other mood disorder in the book. flash forward to about 5th grade. I was sent to a boarding school, where i learned the ropes of fending for myself. I was there for 18 months of relative hell, and i went through s*** no 5th grader should go through, haha. I was then sent back to public school, when they thought they had me sorted out. Nope, sent to another boarding school. Andrus Childrens Center, where i stayed for 7th-8th grade. I went through a ton experiences there, and learned to appreciate what i had. I came out a different person, along with a Valedictorian sash and a congressional medal for my grades and leadership. Im now going to public school, Warwick Valley High School, where my grades hover around the 80s, which is fairly low considering i got my IQ tested 2 years ago, and came out with a 123 base, with vocal and reading comprehension in the 160s. This website has been my home for the past few weeks. I spend at least 3 hours a day on it, and although i don't comment much, i've learned so much from it. The humor and knowledge here has been a great reprieve from stress.

That's my MUCH shortened story. i left out like 3 schools and a multitude of other things.

My plans for the future involve Sports journalism and Jets season tickets.

I almost forgot to mention; I've met Revis. he's a swell guy. Though you could definitely tell he has an ego...

What about you? what's YOUR life story? Feel free to share!

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