Jets draft...

Right guys heres another go at what id love to see from the jets in the draft... Im meant to be studying for summer exams but the drafts just over a week away so i thought id do this fanpost...

I will try to explain why i want these picks and why i think they are there when we pick and all that so you can best understand where im coming from.

So jump with me to find out what are draft is going to be... seriously this is exactly how its going to turn out (joke)

1st round pick 16 - Quinton coples DE/OLB NC - 6'6 280lbs - So apparently the Jags love Ingram, and why wouldnt they the guys going to be star. But i DO NOT want us to trade up just to get him. I see Coples falling on draft day due to red flags such as work ethic. It makes me nervous that he can be another Ghost, but when he's on this guy is the best pass rusher and all round DL in the draft. If he fell to us i expect us to pick him.

2nd round pick 47 - Rueben Randle WR LSU - 6'4 210lbs - Randle is a hell of a player, he put up over 900 yards with a terrible qb throwing to him last year. He ran well at his pro day and guess who was there to see it? Rex and Sal our Wr coach. I believe he'd be a great player for us across from Holmes.

3rd round pick pick 77 - Bobby Wagner ILB Uah state - 6'1 235 lbs - At his pro day Wagner blaze a reported 4.46 forty time which solidifies what i thought about him. He's a sideline to sideline guy who hits holes hard and is solid against the run. he would be an ideal compliment to harris at ILB.

5th round pick 154 - Janzen jackson S Mcneese st - 6'0 185 lbs - Jackson is an extremely talented safety who falls far due to off the field issues and playing for such a lower division school. he was a highly sought recruit out of HS and signed with Tennessee. Eric berry said he was the best safety he's seen play in person, high praise from someone as talented as Berry.

6th round comp pick 1 - Adrian Hamilton DE/OLB Praire view - 6'3 255 lbs - When you watch pass rushers from this year you have to say that hamilton has the most raw talent, he put up 20 sacks this year for praire view a&m. Even for a lower division school thats big. With a bit of coaching and maybe a year or two to develop i expect him to be a beast in the NFL.

6th round comp pick 2 - Bryan Anger P CAL - 6'4 207lbs - Yes im picking a punter. Not a sexy pick but it is a need whatever way you look at it. Anger is a very, very good punter.

7th round pick 233 - jordan white wr Western michigan - 6'0 205lbs - White was very productive in college and has had a good showing in workouts. could be a steal this late.

7th round comp pick 1 - Desmond Wynn - OG Rutgers - 6'6 303lbs - Wynn had a great showing at the east west shrine game and could go higher than this but he is a great run blocker and could be developed into a talented NFL guard.

7th round comp pick 2 - Robert Blanton CB/S - Notre dame - 6'1 200 lbs - Blanton isnt fast enough to play CB at the next level but he shows a good eye for the ball and could be developed into a very good safety.

So there it is guys. feel free to criticse i can take it. I dont expect this to be accurate at all.

Any feedback is welcomed

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