Live Mock Draft, Final Results

On behalf of both Tinley and I, we say thank you to everyone who was involved in the war room, every little bit, comment, suggestion and BPA list has given the group of fictitious individuals we were able to mock together into what we hope could have been a successful Mock Draft for the New York Jets.

If you've followed any of the war rooms this weekend, you'd have found a man crazy with attempting trades and pulling a Mr. T inspired day, only in reverse. The biggest trade that could have come up was 16 for 19 and 50, but was ruined by a Eagles blockbuster trade for Kuechly. Beyond that the most successful trades came in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. The Ravens came up and traded up, we swapped 2nds, gave up a 6th to get a late 3rd, the end result was pulling Ronnell Lewis, over 10 picks later and getting a 3rd for 6th. The third round was our best round for trades, 77 was sold off to the Bills for a high and mid 4th, a high 5th and a high 7th. It was perfect, we lost out on Massie by I think pick 70, so the best approach was to trade back. At 91 we grabbed Nick Toon, and gave up the high 4th and lowest 5th we got back into the third at 92 and stole Chase Minnifield from anyone .

1st M Ingram OLB

Let's be honest here, getting Ingram at 16 is a miracle in it of itself, despite the fact that both the Ravens and Patriots were willing to trade up and surrender 1st and 3rds to get him[but the trades were given to us in time.] Ingram is not going to be perfect, he's been called the next Adalius Thomas, though I hope with better stats as AT averaged only 5 sacks a season for his 9 year career between Ryan and BB. The talent behind Ingram is still incredible as he should be able to line up at OLB, DE and possibly DT in a 43. Having a swiss army player like Ingram can only make a very stout defense better.

2nd Ronnell Lewis OLB

This one was a bit trickier to pick up, on our BPA list he was ranked higher than Shea McClellin. So when the Ravens came calling to trade up in the 2nd with a 3rd to sweeten the deal I jumped at the chance and still managed to bring in Ronnell Lewis, McClellin had high numbers in the dash, Lewis was the stronger player at the combine. Strength vs speed, but Ronnell has high potential, 2010 was an incredible year for him despite only starting 4 games, and in 2011 he started 9 of the 10 games he played in, with each year being statistically better than the last, combining him with Ingram and Maybin was too good not to pass up as a way to secure our aging linebacker core.

3rd Nick Toon WR

Despite what you may be thinking, this was not a sentimental pick, Nick Toon was the 2nd BPA player we had on our board in the 3rd round[more on number one later]. Nick has solid hands, good speed, a stout run blocker and more importantly plays his size, he may not have the speed to burn a receiver he makes plays in the short, medium and down field, he is player we need to compliment Holmes as a legitimate mid to deep threat as a #2 receiver.

3rd Chase Minnifield CB

This would be our BPA in this round, after trading back a 3rd into a 4,5 and 7. A 4 and 5 were packaged to pick up the pick right after ours where we get Toon. Chase Minnifield is a CB, that was out for a good part of his senior year and most of the Combine due to injury. That being said he's NFLN's 10th ranked CB prospect excepted to go in the mid-2nd round. He can play both man and zone coverage as a CB and has great instincts as he plays with his eyes on the QB rather than a receiver. He was great at Virgina in both run stopping and coverage. This could be our better Lowery, a guy we can develop into a Free Safety, and as a Corner back in case the team gets rid of Wilson/Cromartie down the line, and having the best CB in the league helping you improve as a rookie can't hurt either.

4th Andrew Datko RT

This was actually the hardest pick in the draft the make, Massie had been taken early in the 3rd prompting the trade back, so getting a tackle was definitely a need and want having secured WR, a possible safety and OLB. Andrew Datko was going up against Nate Potter, but the problems I was hearing about both concerned me. Datko was higher ranked overall but had injury issues his senior year with a shoulder problem. Datko however held the higher potential, despite need a massive dose of strength training, he is one of the technically sound tackles we could have gotten, and while he may not turn heads or break necks, he has the potential to be a future right tackle for the Jets.

5th Demario Davis MLB

This was another BPA pick, Demario Davis, is listed as an OLB, and spent a lot of his time as well. Make no mistake this was a both a luxury and a tactical pick. The man is explosive with his speed and at times will overshoot guys because of how fast he can get to a target. Having him on the outside couldn't hurt, but there were reports that he could make the transition to MLB or ILB, and that was something I couldn't ignore. Scott has one leg in pads and the other out the door, he will not be here next year so someone has to step up and take over, Davis could be that man. Better yet, with Rex involved I'd be willing to bet that a guy with Davis' speed, could end up in an exotic blitz at the ILB position.

6th Winston Guy jr S

Developmental prospect, while he is listed as a SS, he has the potential for FS. Mostly for rotational work. Definitely has ST potential in his first year.

6th Bryan Anger P

Arguably the best punter in the Draft, one of the few, teams consider draftable with a late pick. The TJ Conley experiment was like the Yoko Ono experiment, a failure so legendary even someone like me not alive for it can understand the reference. Anger isn't the highest punter, but he still gets distance with his missile kicks, lightning gunners are definitely a need here to ensure his success as a punter, but still a hell of a lot better than Conley.

7th Gerell robinson WR

Now, I won't go too crazy with the 7th round picks as I was getting an AC unit at the time. Gerell Robinson will probably not be a starter on the Jets, that being said he is a weird athlete. He is a 6-4, stay with me here... slot receiver. He will never be the burner the Jets need unless they strap a flame thrower to his back and sets fire to CBs. He is very physical with CBs and will get on them at the line and in space, he can potentially be a Patrick Turner.

7th B Brown RB

I had no idea who this kid was when NJGuy brought him up and actually forgot about the articles on him here on GGN. But the selection pissed off Giants fans, and a bunch of others so I figured we did something right. Now researching the lad I found a few things. In 2009 this kid coming out of high school was considered a better prospect than Trent Richardson and had won acclaim in 2008 by winning the Hall Trophy, being the best High school football player, something that hadn't been won by a RB since Adrian Peterson in 2004. So, troubles aside Brown could make someone look like they found the next Foster, or another faceless kid who couldn't hack it in the NFL. Though something about a 6-0, 200 pound RB who can beat the hell out of tacklers is something I'm grinning about.

7th Ronald Leary OT

I can't really tell you much about Leary, unless we are talking about Dennis Leary. But Ronald is projected to be an OT, but to have success in the NFL he may need to make the move inside. High competitiveness, he's not a pretty blocker but he gets the job done. The biggest knock on him, and to summarize NFL Draft tracker, he plays like a heavy man. Had a solid overall season, and impressed at the combine.

7th Blake DeChristopher OT

A bit stiff, but is naturally strong in the upper body, needs some footwork to make him better. Helped Wilson at VT in their run-based offense, a bit stiff in pass protection and was exposed there, but otherwise solid depth and competition.


Desmond Wynn OG

Solid run blocker, his best work is at the line. Struggles at times in pass protection, and really shows his flaws with his footwork at the second level. But he's a local kid and has some talent so we bring him in UDFA.

Korey Williams MLB

Was knocked out for most of the senior year, and the Combine with an ACL injury. He assembled 35 tackles with 3.5 tackles for a loss, three interceptions and two pass breakups before the injury. So while the ACL injury is a concern kid was on fire.

Blake Gideon FS

Can't say much, average stats, a few honorable mentions to his name. Solid FS pick up that started in nearly every game he played in at college.

Will Blackwell OG

Was coming off injury this year, apparently one of his back up positions was DT. And was on LSU where the team only gave up 14 sacks that season.

Adewale Ojomo DE/OLB

Purely depth and to make Eric Smith less than crappy at Safety.

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