Dynasties and the Jets

When i think of a dynasty, i think of a painting with a short chinese dude, wearing a crown. When i think of a football dynasty, what comes up? Tom F***ing Brady. In my lifetime, there's only been one real dynasty in the NFL, and unfortunately, it was the New England Patriots.

I was walking my dog earlier, which is when i do most of my deep thinking, and I was thinking about that dynasty. What about it, you ask. Well, What makes a dynasty? What pieces of the puzzle must fall into place to create a dominating force of football?

Well, take the jump to read about football dynasties, and how the Jets can become one.

After some research, i've come to a few conclusions. There's some common-sense ones in there, and i'm betting most of you will know these. But for the sake of development, i'm putting these down. To maintain a dynasty, a franchise must have several characteristics. The dynasties that i've researched all had these in common.

  1. The obvious one, a franchise quarterback. A quarterback is the face and soul of a team, the offensive success hinges on the QB, and the team rises and falls coinciding with the QB's success. Examples: Joe Montana, Tom Brady
  2. A solid offensive philosophy. The two dynasties i will be referencing frequently in the piece, the 1980s 49ers and the 2001-2007 Patriots, both had proven offensive systems that made sense. The 49ers developed the West Coast Offense under Bill Walsh. Revolving around ball control via short passes, this offense was idea for the weak-armed Joe Montana. The Patriots utilize the Erhardt-Perkins offensive system, a traditional "smash-mouth" football offense. As per wikipedia: "a traditional smash mouth offense that maximizes a team's time of possession and does not as frequently call upon its running backs to serve as receivers" It's pretty much the system that the Jets have been trying to use for the past few years. '
  3. Depth. Having many deep positions on the depth chart is crucial to maintaining a dynasty. Think about the 1980s 49ers. When Montana went down, they had Steve Young to fill in. Think of the Patriots. When Drew Bledsoe went down, they had Tom Brady to fill in.
  4. A hell of a good coach. This one's a given. Bill Walsh and Belichick, both amazing coaches.
Now, with those conclusions drawn, i'm going to go into how the Jets can become a dynasty. We'll address each point one at a time.
  1. Quarterback. Now, you may call me crazy, but I still believe in the Sanchize. Yup, i went there. I think that with a strong running game, and a solid O line, he'll be a VERY solid quarterback. Under Sparano's system, which I believe is a variation of the Erhardt-Perkins offense, Sanchez will be able to show his true ability. When he's anchored by a strong running game, Sanchez can play to his strengths, namely play-action. Believe it or not, Sanchez has a great deep ball. Go watch some college highlights of his, he could throw 40 yards on the run and hit his receiver in stride with perfect accuracy. If we get a deep threat in the draft, OR we re-sign Braylon, Sanchez will be able to throw deep off play action again.
  2. I've kind of already gone over this. see above.
  3. Depth. You and I both know that If Sanchez goes down for a long amount of time, and Tebow has to fill in...We're freaking screwed. So lets pray that he doesn't go down, alright? The only areas where we have vitally any depth are TE, DL, and LB. Granted, the LB depth IS kind of crappy. We have virtually no safety depth, and after losing Strickland, we have very little depth at cornerback. In the passing league that the NFL has developed into, we need DBs. How do we fix this? Well, this year's draft is hella deep for CB. We can trade back and grab more picks in the 5-7th rounds, and grab a cornerback for depth in there. Then next year, when it's deep at safety, we double-dip at safety. That'll give us great depth in the secondary. In terms of better LB depth, I personally think that this year we'll double dip at OLB and grab an ILB, taking care of that.
  4. Head coach. We already have a great head coach in Rex Ryan. In Rex we trust, right?!
I'm not nearly as football-savvy as you guys, so i'm hoping you'll correct me where i'm wrong and such.


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