Trading Down

The Jets spot at 16 is less than ideal. Many of the players which fit will probably be gone and the ones that are left don't seem to fit. Here is a short analysis of the most likely prospects:

Ingram. In a survey of 12 mock drafts by nationally known media outlets (USA Today, NFL Network, CBS and Walter Football), Ingram was available at pick 16 in just 2 out of the 12 (in the 2 that he was available the Jets took him both times).

Coples. Is sliding down some boards. Still unlikely, but 4 out of 12 has him available.

Kallil/Reiff/DeCastro. The tackles are gone even if we wanted them. DeCastro is available in 5 out of 12, but of course, he's a guard. I say take him in a heartbeat if he's there, but most don't agree.

Barron. 7 out of 12 project he goes to Dallas at 14.

Kuechly, 8 of 12 has him going 11 or 12.

Floyd. He is now a top 10 pick on the majority of mocks.

The reality is all of the above could be gone. Left available for the Jets:

Upshaw. The pre-combine top 10 pick is now dropping like a rock. Say what you want about the combine process, but the great college player has shown he's slow, he's not fluid, he's not that big, and apparently he flunked the team interviews. Avg draft position is now in the 20's. There are reports that "Rex loves him", but there is nothing real to back it up.

Mercilus. Most of the pass rushing advocates are pushing this guy, and he seems like the most likely candidate if the Jets are stuck at 16. Here are some dissenting scouts though on the 1 year wonder: "Should only be considered a 4-3 DE. Has the size for 3-4 end, but doesn't have the fluid hips or the footwork necessary yet to play in coverage.....projects as an early 2nd Round pick." Also, "More than likely will not be a player that can convert to OLB......I could see him falling to 33".

Glenn. Although he is available in 10 of 12 mocks, nobody has the Jets taking him. Like the fans, the media is nearly unanimous in the view that the jets will go defense.

WR. If Blackmon and Floyd are gone as expected, there is a large value gap to the 3rd best.

Despite Tannenbaum's history of trading up, I really don't think they can afford to do it this year as they have more holes than they can fill as it is. I could see it only for Ingram and only for a few spots up, not to 7.

So it may make most sense to trade down. Because of the new rookie wage scale rules, trading down may have more value than in the past.


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