Why GGN is Awesome (and Better than Ever) - An Offseason in Review

Well, I've been here as an ever loyal member if GGN for quite a bit now and I've been a big fan of this site ever since I found it (it's been my favorite Jets site except for maybe the now unfortunately defunt JetsKvetch - but JetsKvetch wasn't community based and wasn't a news site). However, even though I always thoroughly enjoyed my time here, I always found this site in some ways a bit lacking. Yes, GGN was the best site for Jets news and analysis. Yes, GGn had a fantastic community of fans who were quite knowledgeable and with who I could join in collectively complaining and moaning, and yes, even sometimes rejoicing in our collective love for the men in Green and White. But yet, there was something missing.......

Simply put, GGN's community was strictly football based and not based on togetherness and fun. Sure we were a tight knit community, but there was nothing really here except for cold hard football talk. I'm not saying I expected GGN to be quite like Amazin Avenue or Posting and Toasting, but still I really feel there was just something lacking in the general fan experience here. Thankfully, over the long course of this offseason, things have changed much for the better (and no, I am not referring to the Peyton ManningFace / Tim the Tebow Magic(tm) discourse and dialogue) and I think the GGN community is much much better for it (despite what many have tried to claim that GGN has become some sort of evil place - they are fools).

Below I'd like to give a shout out to the many staff members and commenters who have taken the time out over the course of this offseason to help improve the fan experience on this site. Kudos to all who have helped out and especially a big round of applause to the great staff here, in particular, our stupendously magnificent managing editor, JB.

Morning Cup of Bro

In my mind the first one to grab the rains and take charge was the banhammer himself, Bro Namath. Bro concocted up a series of posts (among others) titled "Morning Cup of Bro", which was basically a live look-in into the wackiness that is Bro Namath. Bro claims that nobody read these pieces (he's probably right) but still they were awesome and gave the impetus for others to try vast wackiness here. Frankly, I think that Bro should start up these posts again, if not now then at least in-season when there are more fans to read it.

Threads About Nothing and Caption Contests

Next up is my good friend and enemy, the rec zona himself, rexthejet. RTJ has had a few initiatives this offseason to help the overall cause of GGN.

The main one has been the introduction of random threads ("Thread About Nothing" - RTJ kinda has a fetish for Seinfeld. Also for bad rock 'n roll) to this site. Our last Thread about Nothing had over 1100 comments. Keep in mind this was a post in the offseason that had nothing to do about the draft, team moves, free agency, the front office or a certain former Denver Broncos FB/QB. Rather, this was just a bunch of Jets fans (and a smattering of fans from other teams) bonding over random nothingness.

If you haven't checked this post out yet, please join myself, rexthejet, FBMom, MDGeekyGRL, Bro Namath, Caeden, JetsFanMurphy, Tinley24, CervezaVerde, Rabbit T, brick wall 60, cstroh8, Clarke W. Griswald as well as peytonsurdaddy, Revenge of the Fallen, Bronco Mike and 808BostonSportsFan (I humbly apologize if I left out anyone. Twas purely accidental) in the glorious fun we have.

Check it out!

Besides that, rexthejet also has posted many rather funny caption contest (hey, he wants the rec's - you cant blame him) on which he promises the winner an MS Paint made specifically for him. What an honor it is.

Either way, rexthejet has certainly done many much in the ways of a lot to enhance the general community experience here on GGN and for that he certainly deserves a hard earned rec of your approval.

Can You Scout?

This was an ingenious idea come up with by mad scientist extraordinaire, Crackback, in which he implored members of the GGN community to see if they themselves could scout a random player without the MSM and groupthink telling them what to think about said player. This definitely brought together members of the GGN community in the football sense.

Of course, as usual, Crack went ahead and introduced us to various intriguing players such as Hebron Fangupo and of course jumping on the bandwagon of players such as Shea "McLovin" McClellin well before the MSM caught on (SI and PFT now each have him being picked by the Packers in the 1st round).

Peace!! Comment and tell me what i did wrong!!

OK. OK. Granted this was purely unintentional comedy on the part of the immortal sanchise6, but it was still pure gold. From the Long Brothers - both of whom play defense - to "the top 3 main points of our problems" this post was unbelievable. This thread was greener than a fresh cucumber.

At least he didnt go second.


GGN Podcast

A brilliant idea come up with by sp0rtsfan86. He originally decided to have it as a free-form football chat amongst GGN members but it ended up turning into an excellent football podcast. darshv3 and tinley24 eagerly joined the team and it's easily one of the best ideas anyone here (especially coming from a general commenter and not a staff member) has ever thought up of here.

Jets 101 / About Us

Two separate threads that followed back-to-back by FBMom and her adopted internet son, Caeden. These two threads allowed GGN members to introduce themselves to others so that everyone gets a better feel for each other. Each of these posts was extremely well received and major kudos to both for having the initiative to create these posts.

Kangaroo Court

Our brilliant managing editor, John B. also had another brilliant idea this offseason which greatly helped enhance the atmosphere here at GGN but unsurprisingly I'll shy away from that one (though that idea I think earns my biggest thanks of any idea and thought process mentioned in this piece). Rather, I'll stick to this great thread, which allowed members of the site to air out any wacky ideas or anything to make this a better, more fun place. That thread is gold.

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