What strange thing will we see at this years NFL draft?

I remember watching the Jets draft tight end Kyle Brady, and even as a kid I had a WTF moment. It seems like every year there is some weird thing that one team does, or even a bunch of teams do. It's almost like clockwork. Last year the Vikings drafted Christian Ponder with the 12th pick in the 1st round when most people said he was a fringe 1st rounder and maybe a 2nd rounder. Then there's the teams that continuously draft the same position year after year. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the Broncos have drafted and signed in free agency 20 pro bowl running backs since Touchdown Terrelle Davis retired. Why do they keep getting and dumping them?

I'm gonna give you my thoughts on strange things I expect to see this year. And I'd like to hear everyone's educated guesses on the oddities of the 2012 NFL draft.

1. The Colts get Luck, the Skins get RG3. The Rams, Browns, Dolphins, Seahawks, and a bunch of teams including the Jets are going to get weapons for their quarterbacks. First thing I think we'll see this year is a ton of wide receivers drafted. I think 25 in the first 3 rounds or some kind of record. It's a passing league now. Bradford and McCoy are gonna each get at least 2 new targets. Record year for wide receivers.

2. The Bengals have the best draft of any team, and enter the season as the AFC north's most improved team. Think about it. The Bengals got something like 5 draft picks for Carson Palmer. Last year they got AJ Green and super redhead. This year they add another big time receiver, and a bunch of useful players. I think they've drafted better than anyone the past 2 or 3 years, and this year will be the icing on the cake.

3. The Bears will take a flyer on Steven Hill in the 1st round. He'll start opposite Brandon Marshall, they will be the most prolific wide receiver duo with Jonny Knox in the slot. Jay Cutler will throw 34 touchdowns, and he'll still throw 34 interceptions and get run out of town.

4. The Eagles will sign Albert Haynesworth the day before the draft giving them one more once dominant player who won't play well for them.

5. The best player to come out of this years draft will not be a 1st round pick. Last year Andy Dalton was in contention with Cam Newton for rookie of the year. Andy was round 2, Cam was round 1. 2010 Rob Gronkowski was a 2nd rounder while Bradford was the first pick. I think Gronkwowski might have scored more touchdowns than Bradford so far. This year some 2nd rounder is going to take rookie of the year from all the first round guys. It's one of those things that just keeps happening, can't be coincidence.

6. The Jets will finally get a pass rusher that pans out. Bryan Thomas, Vernon Gholston, not this time. There are so many great pass rushers this year, I just have a feeling that whoever the Jets draft will be a double digit sack producer in 2012. They might even get 2 of them.

7. Some team will trade up very high and draft Ryan Tannehill. He will suck. The coach or the GM will be fired shortly thereafter.

8. Vontaze Burflict won't be drafted untiil the 3rd day. His stock dropped faster than Enron. So many teams said they wouldn't draft him just off of character issues that there's probably only 10-12 teams that would draft him now. Someone will take him late. He will start for them by mid season, and produce somewhere near 100 tackles at ILB.

9. Some disgruntled veteran will get traded for a crap draft pick. He will produce at a pro bowl level. The draft pick he was traded for will be a practice squad player. Happens every year. Jets and Santonio for a 5th rounder. Try Wes Welker for a 4th rounder, or Matt Forte for a 5th and a 2nd rounder in 20whatever.

10. Whoever the Jets draft will be applauded by half, booed by the other half. Scrutinized. Labeled a bust by preseason game 2. Have an amazing 1st season, and help the Jets win at least 1 game based solely off some great play that wins the game.

That's the 10 things that I expect to see come April 26th. What do you expect? Oh yeah, Tim Tebow will come out to announce the Jets draft choice.

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