HUGEE 2012 mock draft w trades.. let me know what you would change

after reading all of these vanilla mock drafts i had to make my own.. This may not be all of these teams exact needs but just what i think they should do some BPA and some move ups and downs

1) Indianapolis Colts- Andrew Luck (QB, Stanford 6'4 235) The easy choice and the start of a new ERA. Watching Stanford was just like watching Manning operate and the way Luck made his receivers better also reminded me of Peyton but i see Griffin as the QB who can be a once in a generation type talent. Luck is the smarter pick though because he definitely has a higher floor but to me at least, Griffin has the higher ceiling..( NFL comparison- Peyton)

2) Washington Redskins- Robert Griffin III (QB Baylor 6'2 225) Another obvious pick. Watching his Baylor games were amazing. Never seen something like him as a QB, has vick like athleticism, and not just with a huge arm has great touch on his passes to. Has to be smarter in the NFL and not take as many hits as he did in college (NFL comparison- new and improved Mike Vick)

3) Minnesota Vikings- Matt Kalil (OT USC 6'6 310) should be an easy choice but for some reason Viking fans want anybody but Kalil. I know when your in rebuilding mode a o-linemen with the 3rd pick isnt the sexy way to go. But to me at least, if they pick Kalil here they wont have to pick another LT high in the draft for a very long time (comparison has to be Joe Thomas, i would say Long but he isnt the mauler he is in the run game but his quickness and balance make him a stud pass protector)

4) Cleveland Browns- Trent Richardson (RB Alabama 5'9 230) Ah the poor Browns, i love how Blackmon would fit into the west coast offense but this team has so many holes i was looking for a piece who can improve the offense by themself. Adding T-Rich improves this team from day 1 and turns mccoy into just a game manager, which is when he can be at least a plug until Cleveland finally gets a franchise QB which is NOT Tannehill. When you have as many holes as them just grab as many blue chip prospects as possible stop with the trade down BS (comparison Ray Rice)

5) Tampa Bay Bucs- Morris Claiborne (CB LSU 5'11 190) Okay so my top five is pretty vanilla, but this is just another obvious choice. Eric Wright is not good, sorry Ronde is old and Talib is in major trouble. Schiano wants to run the ball and play D and was hope Richardson would fall but gets a good consolation prize. The NFC South is filled with passing attacks and great QB's and MO would let ronde get the number 2 receiver and wright be the 3rd CB where i guess he could be alright. (comparison i see Champ Bailey, good ball skills and good man to man but hes no Revis)

6) Saint Louis Rams- Fletcher Cox (DT Mississippi ST 6'4 300) ah the first surprise but hear me out on this one. Jeff Fischer loves to build on defense and the addition of Cox would give the rams a great 4-3 pass rushing D and believe it or not the NFC West is turning into a afc NORth light with how the 49ers and Seahawks pound the rock and play D. Long, QUinn and Cox would put pressure up front and the addition of Finnegan in the secondary and James Sparta Laurinitius (yes ik probably spelt wrong) would give them a great young D. I also understand they are in dire need of a receiver but they have two earl second rounders to either move up to secure one or sit back and take a Jeffery and look for another wr with their next 4 first rounders in the next 2 years (comparison: faster more agile Cullen Jenkins)

7) Jacksonville Jaguars -Michael Floyd (WR Notre Dame 6'3 220) SURPRISEE The Jags give some help to MJD, uh sorry i meant the offense and try to show the world that Gabbert is not a bust (sorry he is...) and give him the best reciever in the draft. I think Blackmon will be a very solid #2 and be just like Anquan Boldin but Floyd is shooting up draft boards and to me is the better player now, and will be for a while than Blackmon. Floyd and Laurent Robinson ( who they grossly overpaid for) will give them a decent receiving corp and they can stop starting a man named Cecil Shorts (comparison Faster Vincent Jackson)

8) Miami Dolphins- Melvin Ingram (OLB South Carolina 6'2 265) i get that they need a QB but DOlphins fans would you rather reach for Tannehill or build your growing young defense with another young stud? well to me the choice is easy build your Defense this draft and then go trade up and get your franchise QB next year. With Wake and Ingram rushing and Davis and Smith on the backend you have a good building block for your new QB, if you ever get one. (Comparison Lamar Woodley)

9) TRADE Pittsburgh Steelers- David Decastro (6'5 315) yes I understand,a guard in the top 10?and ik the Steelers never make splashes like this and they value their draft picks probably more than anyone else but this is a good investment. Their OLINE has been a mess for years and this would secure another position on it for a decade. Pair Decastro with Pouncey and it forms a great tandem to help big ben dance around, and to pound the football with whatever running back you pickup.(Hutchinson)

10) Bills-Ryan Tannenhill (QB Texas A&M 6'4 220) another new spot for him, he probally wont fall past KC at 11 but the Bills snatch him up. They just gave Fitz a 59million dollar extension and will regret that when they find out he is not the man who caught fire this year consistently. But this is just a value pick and would be good for Tannehill to go somewhere where he is not starting right away. And i dont know much about Chan Gailey but he is a good QB groomer and to me, their spread offense they run fits Tannehills skillset to a T. (comparison Donovan Mcnabb, mobile and can make all the throws)

11) Kansas City CHiefs- Luke Kuechly (LB BC 6'3 240) Many people have them taking Poe and talk about how big Romeo can teach him. Well i think Romeo will snatch this guy up and give him his modern day Tedy Bruschi. as a jets fan i hate all Pats but i respect good players and tedy was a stud and a tackling machine. Kuechly is a more agile Bruschi and seems to me like one of the safest picks in the draft (comparison Bruschi)

12) Seattle Seahawks- Justin Blackmon (WR OKST 6'1 210) i know my main criticism on this draft will be how far he falls, but remember this is what I would do if i was GM not what Will happen, and i think for Buffalo getting Tannehill to sit behind Fitzpatrick and let Gailey coach him up is a better option than pairing Blackmon with Stevie Johnson even though that would be quite a tandem. but anyway the Seahawks get AMAZINGG value because buffalo passes on the talented wideout from Oklahoma St. has great hands and runs great routes. Great scenario for him because he becomes the #1a wideout with Sidney rice and i love that Combo and so will Matt Flynn. Sidney running deep and Blackmon moving the chains. and in case you were wondering no, i am not a Seahawk fan...(comparison Anquan Boldin)

13) Arizona Cardinals-Riley Reiff ( OT Iowa 6'6 315)the cardinals run to turn this one in because of their needs all across the offensive line. Great fit because he will probably play RT since for some reason the Cards do not want to admit Levi Brown was a bust and just resigned him. But Reiff will be a very solid RT and help Kolb so maybe he can show the Arizona Fans something (comparison: Eric Winston good run blocker and solid in pass protect for a RT)

14) TRADE Tennessee Titans- Quinton Couples (DE UNC 6'6 285) just when it looks like he might fall to my beloved Jets the Titans jump up and snag him. The Titans made a huge mistake IMO by getting involved in the Peyton race instead of the Mario Williams race but snag a nice consolation prize. Couples has all the talent but questions about his motor cause his fall to 14 but the Titans get great value here and add some much needed pass rush to their defense (Comparison Osi Umenyiora hes not the athlete Peppers was because well he is a freak)

15-Philadelphia Eagles- Michael Brockers (DT LSU 6'6 330) wow hes huge.. but anyway love the pick for the IGGLes gives them a great rotation of Brockers, Patterson, and Jenkins. He can just be a run stopper for now which they definitely could use in the middle of that wide 9 formation but has huge upside (comparison quicker kris jenkins)

16- New York Jets-Whitney Mercilus (OLB Illinois 6'4 260) Hear me out on this one, in a perfect world we would trade down and still be able to get him, but i just dont see any team dying to jump up to 16. So its between Upshaw, Mercilus, and Barron. I hate Upshaw, not as a player, but for our pick. Hes very solid but i just see him as Calvin Pace 2.0. I really like Barron but Laron Landry has been my favorite NFL player for the last 3 years and if he stays healthy he WILL be the 3rd best safety in the NFL. but why get a player with similar skill sets to Landry? so i go to Mercilus. I love this guys natural pass rush ability, he is a tad raw right now but somebody posted on him a few weeks back (crackback or something like that) and i was sold after that, very strong and knows how to get to the QB, but if he learns proper technique combined with his natural ability he has the chance to be the next stud pass rusher in the nfl (comparison- James Harrison)

17-Cincinnati Bengals- Cordy Glenn OT/OG Georgia 6'6 345- Cincy hit a home run last year in the draft and continue to match BPA with needs for some lucky reason. as a fantasy owner of Cedric Benson (easy im in a 18team league) they need to find more push in the run game. they can plug Glenn in at one of their guard spots or start him at RT and move fat andre to one of the guard spots and add another mauler in the run game. Dalton had a great year but he reminds me of Chad Pennington with a better arm. He needs a strong supporting cast if they want to win a super bowl. so add Glenn ditch Benson and pick up a running back and this offense gets even better in 2012 season (comparison Waters. that guard from KC

18-San Diego Chargers- Courtney Upshaw (OLB Alabama 6'2 270) San Diego needs some pass rush and take the best OLB available. This is a good spot for Upshaw because he can play second fiddle to Phillips and add stability to their other OLB spot- Comparison Stronger calvin Pace

19- Chicago Bears- Jonathan Martin (OT Stanford 6'5 315) the Bears grab Martin and add a great pass protector to add to Jay Cutlers dream Offseason. With Martin on the left and Gabe Carimi on the right Chicago has two good young tackles. i think Martin is a little overrated because luck made him look a tad better then he really is, but has great potential in pass protection. Comparison (our very own Dbrick but needs to become much stronger)

20- Dallas Cowboys- Dontari Poe (DT Memphis 6'4 350) Jerry trades down gets some picks and still gets the guy he probably would have taken at 14. a potential monster dosent have very good tape But someone with upside like Haloti Ngata usually dosent last this long. if he buds early and they have a line win Ratliff, Ware and Poe that secondary will look much better (comparison Ngata)

21- Cincinnati Bengals- Dre Kirkpatrick (CB Alabama 6'2 190) The Bengals should be very happy if they come out of the draft with these 2. I would have given the old Bengals Jenkins but it looks like they are finally getting some character guys. But Dre is great in man coverage and also could be an interesting option at FS because he is also a great tackler and hits hard. but this pick just adds to the young talent building up in Cincinnati (comparison Ike Taylor, big and physical)

22- Browns- Kendall Wright- (WR Baylor 5'10 195) a little confused here, was not sure but i talked myself into Kendall Wright. Has great quickness and is a big play threat. And i dont think Browns fans would complain adding two skilled playmakers to their boring offense. Thought about going corner here but they just need a jump on O Comparison- desean Jackson light minus the attitude and add a willingness to go across the middle)

23-Detroit Lions- Stephon Gilmore (CB South Carolina6'1 190) another prospect who is climbing recently. I think Janoris Jenkins is a better man to man corner but his off the field problems plus the ball skills of Stephon GIlmore will make this an easy choice. I see the Lions trying to become like the Packers, maybe not the best D but just get a few turnovers and watch your offense give you a big lead

24-Carolina Panthers- Janoris Jenkins (CB North Alabama 5'10 195) the panthers trade waaay down and acquire more picks to help build that defense. Jenkins is definately talented and would immediately help in the pass happy nfc South

25- Denver Broncos- Peter Konz (C Wisconsin 6'5 315) Denver needs a DT badly but dosent reach for reyes worthy or still Konz will definately help in the run game but the number 1 priority of the Broncos should be to keep Mannings jersey as clean as possible

26-Houston Texans- Stephen Hill (wr GT 6'4 215) about time the Texans got bit Andre some help. They can slowly work him in and he instantly makes their O more explosive, his big play ability can make their offense the best in the league

27-Patriots- Mark Barron s Alabama-the evil empire gets the best safety in the draft, he is great in the box and is the type of intelligent player that Belichick loves

28- Packers- Nick Perry OLB USC- the Pack need to find a pass rusher to help out the claymaker, and get a great value with Perry, he has outstanding athletic ability. and could form a dynamic duo with matthews

29-ravens-donta hightower- one of my favorite players in the draft falls all the way to 29, stud middle linebacker in a 3-4 d and can even rush the passer from the outside like he did in college. The Ravens just signed Mcclain but will be ditching him next year once this kid touches the field

30-49ers-Shea Mccellin- hes flying up draft boards and it would be smart to add another pass rusher opposite the young stud Aldon Smith. I would rather reach a bit for this high effort country strong pass rusher than that guard from Wisconsin any day.

31-Pats Reyes Uconn- the pats dline leaves a lot to be desired since the departure of Seymour, pick up a high upside kid who can step in and play right away

32- Giants Coby Fleener te-Stanford- i was thinking about giving them a RB, but the one thing Eli dosent have to toy with is a athletic, pass catching TE. Ballard played great down the stretch but he could be great with Fleener if he comes back healthy in 2 te sets.

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