How-To-Guide Chapter 1: How To Get Rec'd On GGN in 6 easy steps

So I have been posting for a decent amount of time now. Some of you may know me, some of you may not. Though I have written posts that I believe contributed positively to GGN, I have yet to receive a Rec. I have made it my goal to receive at least one eventually. In order to achieve this goal, I have put plenty of time into observing the types of posts and comments on GGN that people decide to recommend. After making these observations, I have decided that I had enough information to make a How-To-Guide. This guide is meant for the people who, like me, are "Rec" virgins.

How To Get Rec'd on GGN:

1. Demonstrate knowledge of the difference between a fanpost and a fanshot.

It seems like a lot of people really don't know the difference between the two. They will make a fanpost to write one sentence about something. This frustrates a lot of other users. Me? I don't care, I just like seeing people try to repeatedly explain the difference to the's entertaining. However, You will have no change at receiving a Rec if you do not demonstrate this simplistic, basic knowledge.

2. Do not mention T*M T***W's name in your post.

This is one that I learned the hard way. Jetking55 ALMOST Rec'd my post about a mock draft, and remaining offseason acquisitions. That is, until he saw that I commented on the T*M T***W signing. His name cost me a Rec, and I'll be sure to remember that in the future. So just remember, if you want a Rec, do NOT mention T*M T***W.

3. Bring up facts about the New York Jets past, in order to demonstrate how dominant our organization is against our rivals.

This one is a no-brainer. I've seen people do it before. They'll talk about our superbowl team, and they get Rec'd. Other ideas include talking about our 51-50 regular season record against the Patriots, meaning that yes, our franchise is one game better than theirs. It's always helpful to mention that Divisional Game in 2010, when we were huge underdogs, nobody but our fanbase thought we had a chance of winning, yet we came in and dominated the game. Or you could even mention our 49-44 regular season record against the Dolphins. When mentioning the Dolphins, the Monday Night Miracle is a subject that is bound to get alot of Recs, because lets face it, that game was a complete embarrassment to their team and fans everywhere.

4. Find a way to integrate pop culture into the comment sections of posts.

DISCLAIMER: I do not know what the correct term for this is, so in the spirit of this article, the first person who can tell me what the name for it is, will get a Rec from me.

People on GGN love to post up videos or pictures of Seinfeld, or the Office in order to express they way they are feeling about a win, loss, signing, trade, etc. These are usually pretty funny, and as I have noticed people on GGN have a good sense of humor, and will usually Rec these videos/pictures.

5. Leave comments and posts in the same manner as Sanchize6

Now, I'm not going to comment on the quality of his posts, but he sure knows how to rack up those Rec's. If you would like to receive a lot of Rec's, his method seems to be very effective.

6. Write a post about the draft, picking a random player no one has ever heard of, post up a highlight video, say a couple of good things about them, and recommend that the Jets draft him.

This usually ALWAYS works. Crackback actually does this all of the time, and people on GGN just eat it up! He has really mastered this step, so if you need some advice, I'd go to him. I will try to reproduce what one of these posts looks like:

Jarrett Lee (LSU) vs Oregon Every Pass Play (via Cajunomics)

6-2, 206

2011 stats:

Passing Yards: 1306

Completion Percentage: 62.3%

TD: 14

INT: 3

Strengths: I like this guy a lot. He can move his arm and let go of the ball at the right time, in order to make the ball move in a forwards motion. He's also on the LSU Tigers, and well, Tigers are my favorite animal. So, in my opinion, the Jets need to pick this guy up.

Weaknesses: His initials are J.L. These initials usually mean trouble. You know who else has the initials J.L.? You guessed it, former Ravens running back Jamal Lewis. He got sent to prison. Coincidence? I think not.

Lee's optimal position seems, to me, to be at QB. Because, I mean look, that's what he played in college.

So there you have it. Try to use these steps in action, and you will be well on your way to having your posts Rec'd on GGN.

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