Perfect Offseason



We are well into the free agency period, and I think the Jets have done a decent job. I like the Landry signing, as well as the Tebow signing. I think Tebow could be great for this team, as long as Sparano and Rex use him in the correct way. However, heading into the draft, we still have a lot of work to do. Here is how I would like to see the rest of our offseason play out.

Starting with the draft:

First Round: Trade down with Denver to the 25th spot, and pick up an extra 2nd round pick. Select: Whitney Mercilus



If Ingram is sitting at our pick, I would love to stay put and draft him. However, if he isn't, this could be a realistic option for us. Denver just signed Peyton Manning, and probably would jump at the chance to draft Michael Floyd, whom should be on the board by our pick. If we didn't draft Floyd, it is realistic that he could get drafted as soon as the Chargers' 18th pick, whould probably would love to fill the void that Vincent Jackson has left.

Mercilus seems to be a good pass rusher, and would help fill a huge void in our defense, and trading down would also allow us to accumulate another 2nd round pick.

Second Round (Our Pick): Select Vinny Curry.



Double dipping at Pass rusher here, but I feel like that would be good for our team. As the giants have shown plenty of times, you can never have enough pass rushers. I know Bruce Irvin is a popular pick here, but I think he is a bit undersized, kind of like Aaron Maybin. I don't think we need another guy like that. Also, he has character concerns. Curry is a bit bigger in size and shows good pass rushing ability, which is why he is my pick here.

Second Round (Broncos Pick): Select Bobby Massie.



Here is a pick to help shore up our offensive line, at offensive tackle. Hopefully Massie will be good enough to take over Hunter's spot from day one, if not, we may have to look into signing a veteran OT.

Third Round: Select Robert Turbin.



(Couldn't help but put this picture up)

We brought in Sparano, and its obvious that Sparano wants to Ground N Pound. Rex would love to also. Though we have Greene, and Mcknight, Powell (don't know what we have in him), I think it would be very helpful to bring in another running back. Robert Turbin seems like a guy with good character, and a nice blend of speed an power. I would be ecstatic if we were able to get Turbin in the third round. We would potentially have a three-headed monster between Greene, Turbin, and Mcknight next year. The though of that has to have Sparano and Rex salivating.

Fourth Round: Trade Bryan Thomas, 5th round pick, and one of our 6th round picks for Browns 4th rounder. Select Tommy Streeter



I thought about maybe trading away Eric Smith here, however, our safety group is really thin. So, as long as Smith is not the starter, he could provide some depth in the safety position. Instead, we could possibly trade an aging Bryan Thomas, now that our linebacking corps should be pretty deep. Lets say that Pace starts this year, and hope that Mercilus starts opposite him. We can have Maybin and Curry both coming in situationally, with maybe Curry taking more snaps from Pace as the year goes on. I don't see the need for Bryan Thomas if we get two OLBs early on.

After acquiring a fourth rounder from the Browns, I would select Tommy Streeter, who is a very big receiver. Standing tall at 6'4", he seems to have some speed (4.4 40yrd dash) and good hands. He could be that deep threat that our offense lacks.

Sixth Round: Select Adam Gettis



Selecting an OG for depth would be a good idea for the Jets.

Sixth Round: Select George Bryan



It'd be nice to have a blocking tight end, especially since we don't have Mulligan anymore. If we plan do run the ball a lot in Sparano's scheme, it'd be nice to have a tight end who is a good blocker, and DOESN'T jump offsides.

Seventh Round: Select Bryce Brown



I know, I know, I'm double dipping at an overcrowded running back position that the Jets have. However, there were some articles about Bryce on GGN within the past couple of days, and I couldn't help but fall in love with him. I understand that he is a big risk, but in the seventh round, it's a risk the Jets should be willing to take. This kid has tremendous upside. He may not make the roster right away (could be a practice squad player). However, he could have the ability to take over Powell's spot on the roster. Only time will tell.

Seventh Round: Select Loni Fangupo



It'd be great to get some depth at the Defensive Tackle position.

Now that the draft is done, we must move on to the rest of free agency.

Free Agency:

Sign Braylon Edwards:



Many people on GGN would love to see Edwards back in a Jets uniform, and I am certainly one of them. He should come at a cheap price, and he has amazing chemistry with Sanchez. He's a very good deep threat. With this signing, our wr corps could look like this:

Santonio Holmes

Braylon Edwards

Jeremy Kerley

Tommy Streeter

Chad Schilens

It would give us a very formidable WR corps. Streeter has some potential, and could learn in his rookie year, seeing limited playing time. Schilens also has potential, and could work his way up the depth chart and onto the field.

Sign O.J. Atogwe:



He's not the best safety, but he's certainly one of the best options out on the free agent market. It would give us a formidable safety duo. The safety class is very weak this year, so signing Atogwe could prevent us from reaching for a safety in the draft. He could be a stop gap player until we draft a replacement in next years draft, where the safety class is said to be stronger.

I would feel very good about our chances in the 2012 season if the rest of our offseason played out like this. We would have shored up all of our gaping holes, as well as strengthening our running game, and gaining some depth along the offensive line. All in all, we would be a force to be reckoned with in this upcoming season.

What do you guys think? Is this realistic at all?

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